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Exam Code: 000-009 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: IBM Tivoli Provisioning Manager V7.1.1 Implementation
Certification Provider: IBM
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2016 Mar 000-009 Study Guide Questions:

Q33. When planning for a multi-server topology ,which three components can be installed on a machine other than the IBM Tivoli Provisioning Manager server?(Choose three)

A. database server

B. directory server

C. middleware server

D. deployment engine

E. Administrative workstation

F. scalable distribution server

Answer: ABE

Q34. When using the Firewall Gateway component to connect using a unidirectional firewall with an additional network what are three configurations to ensure successful communication between the IBM Tivoli Provisioning Managed V7.1.1 server and the managed targets? (Choose three)

A. Proxy Relay

B. Gateway Manager

C. Gateway service

D. Authorized Port List

E. Preferred upload server

F. Region Forwarding server

Answer: ABC

Q35. Which discovery protocol allows IT devices in a network that do not use user name and password for authorization to be defined in the Data Center Model?

A. Secure Shell

B. Server Message Block

C. Remote Execution and Access

D. simple Network Management Protocol

Answer: D

Q36. Which three tools collect logs on IBM Tivoli Provisioning Manager (TPM) Server in order to troubleshoot the problems? (Choose three)

A. PackageLog tool to collect TPM logs

B. LogCollector tool to collect Agent Manager logs

C. SystemLogs tool to collect all the WebShpere logs

D. The Tivoli Configuration Examiner tool to collect and examine TPM logs

E. DMSlogCollector tool on TPM Server to collect Device Manager Service logs

F. CDSlogCollector tool on TPM server to collect Dynamic Content Delivery logs

Answer: ABD

Q37. Which IBm Tivoli Provisioning Manager V7.1.1 installation type requires Microsoft Windows?

A. native

B. Custom

C. Default

D. Fast Start

Answer: C

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Q38. What is the result of a data center model query executed in the Automation Package Development Environment? /cluster[@name="Notts Web Cluster"]/server/@name[orderBy@name]

A. the IDs of all the servers in the cluster, "Notts Web Cluster", ordered by ID in ascending order

B. the IDs of all the servers in the cluster, "Notts Web Cluster", ordered by name in ascending order

C. the names of all the servers in the cluster, " Notts Web Cluster", ordered by name in ascending order

D. the name of the cluster, "Notts Web Cluster", and all names of related server by name in ascending order

Answer: C

Q39. If the global variable TCA Create.EO.SAP is set to true on IBM Tivoli Provisioning Manger server and the UNIX target computer was discovered by Initial Discovery,after Installing Tivoli Common Agent on this target computer ,which Server Access Points(SAP) should be present on this target with default configuration?

A. SSH-Server, Agent-Server

B. RXA-Server, Agent-Server

C. RXA-Server,SDI-SAP,Agent-Server

D. SSH-Server,SDI-SAP,Agent-Server

Answer: D

Q40. If selecting multiple targets for an Inventory Discovery , which global variable can be increased to improve performance?





Answer: C

Q41. What is the most efficient way to customize the timing characteristics for the Polling Start and PollingEnd for very Tivoli Common Agent that is installed?

A. Modify the Tivoli Common Agent Stack configuration template

B. The Polling Start and Polling End can only be modified after the installation

C. Select the Polling Start andPollingEnd parameters on the Agent Installation page

D. Modify the response file that the Tivoli Common Agent standalone installer will use for very installation

Answer: A

Q42. In order to set up a Vmware ESX environment a VMware ESX server must be deployed. Is it possible to do this though IBM Tivoli Provisioning Manager V7.1.1(TPM)?

A. Yes, by using Tivoli Provisioning Manager Inventory Discovery.

B. Yes, by using Tivoli Provisioning Manager for OS Deployment.

C. No, it must be installed before to use virtualization by TPM.

D. Yes, by building a software package on TPM containing the binary entitled ESX server 3.5 Update 2.

Answer: B

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Q43. Which statement is true about describing a file repository?

A. File repositories can only store Software package Block files and patches

B. File repositories are not managed by theDynamic Content Delivery Management Center

C. File repositories are used to deploy software directly to agents using the scalable distribution

D. File repositories can use TFTP as a file transfer protocol by using workflows shipped with IBM Tivoli Provisioning Manager V7.1.1

Answer: B

Q44. Which two statements are tore regarding scalable distribution infrastructure? (Choose two)

A. Only discovered server can be configured as a depot server.

B. New depot servers can only be added after a region has been defined

C. Preferred download servers enable packages to be delivered to targets behind a firewall

D. When software products or patches are published to a depot,IBMTivoli Provisioning Manager V7.1.1 generates a Delivery Plan for bandwidth optimization.

E. With both IPv4 and IPv6 target computers, separate IPv6 and IPv4 depots must be set up to support communication with each type of IP addressing.

Answer: AB

Q45. What are two AIX virtualization technologies that can be managed with IBM Tivoli Provisioning Manager V7.1.1?(Choose two)

A. VMware AIX Guests

B. AIXPartitions(APARs)

C. VirtualPartitions(VPARs)

D. LogicalPartitions(LPARs)

E. WorkloadPartitions(WPARs)

Answer: DE

Q46. On a Windows IBM Tivoli Provisioning Manager V7.1.1 server, which command can be used to list all device drivers?

A. tc-driver-manager.cmdlistAllDrivers

B. tc-driver-manager.cmdlistDeviceModels

C. tc-driver-manager.cmdlistCurrentModels

D. tc-driver-manager.cmdlistDeviceDrivers

Answer: B

Q47. What are three types of operation accepted by the dcmQueryCommand command?

A. DCMInsert. DCMImport,and DCMDelete

B. DCMInsert, DCMExport,and DCMUpdate

C. DCMinsert, DCMChange, and DCMDelete

D. DCMInsert,DCMChange, and DCMDelete

Answer: C

Q48. Where is the configuration change made to change the poling rate for all future remote installations of the Tivoli Common Agent?

A. Modification of the response file before the Tivoli Common Agent installed.

B. Edit file on the Tivoli Common Agent and modify each target after the install

C. The polling is calculated by network load to achieve maximum performance and changed by the Tivoli Common Agent

D. Change the polling interval the Tivoli Common Agent-Subagent JES configuration template and in theCDS_Depot_Stack configuration template.

Answer: D

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