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2016 Apr 000-014 Study Guide Questions:

Q1. A customer would like to enable IBM Tivoli Storage Manager FastBack Continuous Data Protection (CDP) for a job schedule, in order to meet an aggressive Recovery Point Objective in their newly updated service level agreement. Later the same day, the customer needs to perform a restore of data that changed since the last snapshot, but it appears that CDP is not working, and the granular level of detail is not available. What are the two actions needed to get CDP started? (Choose two.)

A. perform a snapshot backup

B. stop and restart the server service

C. restart the Central Scheduler Service

D. validate function of the job schedule definition

E. ensure that Enable CDP has been selected in the Job Schedule

Answer: AE

Q2. While installing the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager FastBack (TSM FastBack) Client using the InstallShield Wizard, the TSM FastBack Server name field is automatically populated with a default host name. Which action is correct?

A. Change the default host name to the loop back IP address (

B. Change the default host name to the TSM FastBack Server host name.

C. Change the default host name to the corresponding IP address for the default host name.

D. Use the TSM FastBack Client Configurator to determine the appropriate value for the TSM FastBack Server name field.

Answer: B

Q3. How does the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager FastBack (TSM FastBack) Administrative Command Line know how to find the TSM FastBack Server?

A. The server address is specified in the FastBackShell.ini file.

B. The TSM FastBack Administrative Command Line uses Active Directory to locate the TSM FastBack Server.

C. The server address is specified on the command line when invoking the Administrative Command Line client.

D. The TSM FastBack Administrative Command Line can only be installed on the TSM FastBack server, so it does not need to be configured to know where the server is.

Answer: A

Q4. An IBM Tivoli Storage Manager FastBack (TSM FastBack) protected server (\\, has suffered a hardware failure of the primary operating system drive. A similar replacement drive is found and installed. A Bare Machine Recovery CD had been created and tested on this server prior to the failure. The TSM FastBack server is named Austin_FB and has an IP address of Now it is time to start the restore of the system OS drive. After the CD mounts and proper IP and DNS addresses are entered, which two options are considered correct syntax to attach to the TSM FastBack repository? (Choose two.)

A. \\\$E

B. \\Server_27\repository

C. \\Austin_FB\FB_REP_E

D. \\\FB_REP_E

E. \\Austin_FB\Drive_E\repository

Answer: CD

Q5. A branch manager has advised that one of the servers in his office is mission critical since customer transactions and data are held on it. Several manual backups of this server are performed daily but the size of the data and the rate of change is now causing the backups to run for longer than originally planned. Which function of IBM Tivoli Storage Manager FastBack could alleviate this problem?

A. Image Backup

B. Application quiescing

C. Central Control Station

D. Continuous Data Protection

Answer: D

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Q6. What is the default location where components are installed on a typical IBM Tivoli Storage Manager FastBack Server installation?

A. %Program Files%\IBM\TSM\FastBack

B. %Program Files%\Tivoli\TSM\FastBack

C. %Program Files%\Tivoli\IBM\FastBack\Server

D. %Program Files%\Tivoli\TSM\Server\FastBack

Answer: B

Q7. When performing an e-mail restore using Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP), why is there a prompt to provide a sender e-mail address?

A. The restore will fail if the address is not included.

B. A reference point for the source is always required in order to send the e-mail.

C. The e-mail address for the sender is identified as the source address for any restored e-mail messages.

D. Some SMTP servers require a valid sender e-mail address to authenticate the user and accept the e-mail.

Answer: D

Q8. Scheduled data replication operations are not functioning properly. What is a valid troubleshooting step?

A. Perform a local replication to rule out a time zone conflict with the remote DR Hub Server.

B. Use TSM FastBack Mount to schedule a near-term replication operation, then attempt to mount the replicated volume.

C. Use IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Fastback (TSM FastBack) Shell to query the Disaster Recovery (DR) Hub Server log file.

D. Test the FTP configuration using the appropriate operation on the DR Configuration tab of the TSM FastBack Manager interface.

Answer: D

Q9. An IBM Tivoli Storage Manager FastBack (TSM FastBack) server is located in the UK. Daylight savings has caused the server clock to change. What needs to be done to ensure correct operation of further snapshots?

A. Nothing, Daylight Savings is a Windows component

B. Nothing, Daylight Savings is automatically configured

C. Reconfigure TSM FastBack server to run UTC instead of GMT

D. Restart the TSM FastBack server to reset time synchronization

Answer: D

Q10. The installation is faced with some errors on the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager FastBack (TSM FastBack) Servers. Errors were found with the repository access listed on the Snapshot Monitor.

What is the next step?

A. Restore the entire repository

B. Refer to any reference material

C. Delete the repository after Audit

D. Run Audit operation with Fix=Yes

Answer: B

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Q11. The Snapshots Monitor view in the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager FastBack Manager is used to display the status of which processes?

A. archive and retrieve

B. snapshot and restore

C. repository cleanup and data replication

D. administrative logon attempts and Disaster Recovery processing

Answer: B

Q12. Why should machines on which IBM Tivoli Storage Manager FastBack for Bare Machine Recovery was performed never be left unmonitored?

A. Windows PE resets every 24 hours.

B. The data on the destination disk will be restored every 24 hours.

C. Access to FastBack resources in the repository is valid for 24 hours.

D. The FastBack for Bare Machine Recovery session expires after 24 hours.

Answer: A

Q13. Which process should be used cautiously as it will add quickly to the size of the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager FastBack (TSM FastBack) repository?

A. Daily client snapshot backups

B. TSM FastBack Mount and Instant Restore

C. TSM FastBack Continuous Data Protection

D. Replication to the Disaster Recovery repository

Answer: C

Q14. A server has two internal disks, and each disk is 73 GB in size. The first disk is partitioned into 30 GB for the operating system, and has an unused partition of 43 GB. The second disk has not been used by IBM Tivoli Storage Manager FastBack as a disk repository. Can the second disk be added to the repository as an additional disk repository?

A. No.

B. Yes.

C. Only if the second disk is IDE.

D. Only if the second disk is at logical unit number 1.

Answer: B

Q15. A company has an IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Fastback snapshot mounted as a virtual volume in read/write mode on a file server. When are the next changes applied to a file or folder on that virtual volume?

A. After next full volume backup is completed.

B. After successful snapshot backup completes.

C. They are never saved (removed automatically).

D. They are automatically saved in the next scheduled volume snapshot backup.

Answer: B

Q16. A customer's Microsoft Exchange environment is running on a system which does not have Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Services (VSS) running. They are not able to implement this in their current strategy. What can be done to ensure that Exchange is protected?

A. Nothing

B. Use VSS

C. Use crash consistency backups

D. Use pre-consistency point, and pre-snapshot and post-snapshot scripts to quiesce and restart Exchange

Answer: D

Q17. When attempting a File Level restore, which three network protocol items must be available on the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager FastBack client? (Choose three.)


B. Active Directory

C. Simple File sharing

D. File and printer sharing

E. Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)

F. Client for Microsoft Networks

Answer: DEF

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