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2016 Apr 000-028 Study Guide Questions:

Q97. Which statement is true about who the solution advisor should contact when scheduling technical interviews?

A. The most important people to talk to are the front-line workers who deal with customers.

B. The primary focus should be on the business decision makers and the management who report to them.

C. Only the IT technical people who work day-to-day with the service availability and performance management systems should be interviewed.

D. The solution advisor should interview a diverse mix of staff that will be responsible for various aspects of the service availability and performance management solution.

Answer: D

Q98. A telecommunications company sells circuits to customers.

What is this an example of?

A. an automation

B. a key performance indicator

C. a low-level business process

D. a high-level business process

Answer: D

Q99. What are three components of Tivoli Netcool Impact? (Choose three.)

A. Event Reader

B. Event Listener

C. Discovery Engine

D. Automations and Triggers

E. Data Source Adapter (DSA)

F. Active Managed Object Store (AMOS)

Answer: ABE

Q100. Which three frameworks are generally used for implementing IT Service Management? (Choose three.)

A. Six Sigma

B. Total Quality Management

C. Microsoft Operations Framework

D. Capability Maturity Model Integration

E. Information Technology Infrastructure Library

F. Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology

Answer: CEF

Q101. What is a good way of using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to avoid an SLA violation?

A. Inspect KPI values only after SLA violation.

B. Provide the option to adjust KPI to distort true SLA measure.

C. Ensure KPI metric can be identified with a good or bad status only.

D. Monitor KPI metric for gradual movement so that impending SLA violations can be identified.

Answer: D

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Q102. A customer has the following requirements:

1) Performance monitoring of Web applications to meet SLA of web transactions and verify that Web services are available and performing to specification and alert you when Web service performance is intermittent.

2) Service management - Improve Service visibility for operations and business with real-time dash-boards - including KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and SLA Tracking.

3) Automatically correlate events and prioritize event response based on business policies

Which three service availability and performance management products best suit to fulfill the requirements? (Choose three.)

A. IBM Tivoli Monitoring

B. IBM Tivoli Netcool Impact

C. IBM Tivoli Netcool Webtop

D. IBM Tivoli Network Manager

E. IBM Tivoli Business Service Manager

F. IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager for Transactions

Answer: BEF

Q103. A client's core business is to provide various outsourcing services, from Web hosting to content management. Its network, hardware and software resources reside physically in their Web farm, and are supervised and administered 24/7 by their specialist engineers.

The client offers its own in-house Web farm, capable of guaranteeing to its diverse range of customers, top quality hosting and housing services. The client offers a range of service class (Gold, Silver, and Bronze) to reflect different levels in quality of service its customers can expect.

Customers with the highest gold class can expect 99.99% service uptime guaranteed, silver customers are guaranteed 99% while bronze customers can expect 98%. The uptime figure is calculated on a monthly basis.

An outage is defined as an instance in which the customer or the public is unable to transmit and receive IP packets due to a failure of the hosted service for more than 10 consecutive minutes for gold customers and 20 consecutive minutes for all other customer types.

The clients goal is to keep Average Round-Trip latency within its network to 70 milliseconds or less.

Presently, the client is experiencing a surge in demand for its service.

The client has its main hosting location in London. All applications and hardware required in implementing server hosting and management, application software maintenance and back-end procedures are collocated on-site. Applications deployed include DB2, WebSphere, Web Server, and load-balancers. These are all installed in clusters to provide scalability and resiliency.

The client also maintains an off-site backup location in Scotland with a recovery time objective of less than 1 hour.

When presenting the benefits of applying service availability and performance management within the environment to the client, what should be presented as the major benefit?

A. Measure compliance to SLAs and provide reports.

B. Alert operational engineers by e-mail on service affecting incidents.

C. Identify, Isolate, alert on, and prioritize service affecting incidents and bottlenecks.

D. Measure compliance to SLAs only, ensuring the service provider is aware of SLA violation by the end of the month.

Answer: C

Q104. Which IBM Tivoli Monitoring component provides a set of tools for creating custom monitoring software, installation packages, or value-add solutions for existing monitoring solutions?

A. IBM Tivoli Monitoring Agent Builder

B. IBM Tivoli Monitoring Probe Builder

C. IBM Tivoli Monitoring Module Builder

D. IBM Tivoli Monitoring Rules Engine Builder

Answer: A

Q105. A solution advisor tells a client that IBM Tivoli does application transaction monitoring with central event correlation and deduplication.

To which product or product suites is the solution advisor referring?

A. IBM Tivoli products do not perform central event correlation.

B. IBM Tivoli Enterprise Portal with IBM Tivoli Network Monitors

C. IBM Tivoli Netcool OMNIbus (Tivoli Netcool OMNIbus) with IBM Tivoli Monitoring

D. Tivoli Netcool OMNIbus with IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager

Answer: D

Q106. Which statement is true about determining total user count for implementation?

A. The user count is irrelevant to the system requirements.

B. The user count is needed by the survey group for the final client satisfaction survey.

C. The number of users is important for determining the scope and scale of the implementation.

D. The number of users is directly related to the size of the authentication database; therefore, it is needed for determining the size of the authentication server.

Answer: C

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Q107. In a client interview it becomes apparent that some integrations are necessary between existing and future service availability and performance management solutions.

Which information should be captured first concerning these integrations?

A. the detailed schema for any key databases

B. future release information from the third-party application vendors

C. the interfaces and the relationships with existing third-party applications

D. the relationship between the integrations and other notification systems

Answer: C

Q108. In the first meeting with a customer, a half hour is dedicated to the meeting with a hard stop at the end. The following roles are represented: the CIO, the CTO, a technical network professional, and an application specialist.

What should the solution advisor's first step be?

A. after brief introductions, discuss a high-level overview of their needs

B. focus on the CIO and the CTO, assuming there will be time to talk to the other attendees later

C. after brief introductions, have the network professional provide a diagram of the network data flow to illustrate the problem

D. review the overriding business objective in the first 10 minutes and move into a high-level, technical overview of the solution

Answer: B

Q109. A managed service provider (MSP) feels price pressure from a competitor. Operators see nearly 2000 critical events each day on their HP OpenView consoles. They wait 5 minutes after a critical event occurs because many seem to go away on their own. For those unresolved events, the operators must then look up information about circuits, customer contact information, network topology, and service level agreements (SLAs) before deciding how to open and prioritize a trouble ticket in their legacy trouble ticket system. This takes an average of 19 minutes / event. So it is at least 24 minutes before a service engineer begins to work on an event. This lag time often contributes to SLA violations with financial penalties. They also have approximately 12 other network management system tools in use by the operation center operators. The MSP is required to reduce operational costs to remain competitive. The MSP has already agreed to implement IBM Tivoli Netcool OMNIbus.

Which IBM Tivoli solutions best addresses their pain point?

A. IBM Tivoli Netcool Impact

B. IBM Tivoli Netcool Webtop

C. IBM Tivoli Business Service Management

D. IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager

Answer: A

Q110. When creating a high-level service availability and performance management architecture, which important information should be known about IBM Tivoli service availability and performance management products?

A. the interoperability with the help desk system at the client site

B. if the solution integrates with the client's instant messaging system

C. how the products will be supported on existing hardware platforms at the client site

D. the interoperability of the IBM Tivoli service availability and performance management products

Answer: D

Q111. A customer SLA for a Web shopping cart service should be less than 18 seconds, and it is noted that some check-outs are randomly taking longer than 30 seconds. Which service availability and performance management product or suite of products best tracks such problems when performance is intermittent and sluggish?

A. IBM Tivoli Monitoring

B. IBM Tivoli Netcool Impact

C. IBM Tivoli Netcool OMNIbus

D. IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager

Answer: D

Q112. Which statement is true about the design of a service availability and performance management solution?

A. The design should be symmetrical and holistic.

B. The design should focus on satisfying the clients technical preferences.

C. The design should advance the customers business and technical goals.

D. The design should reject any component that is not included in the best-of-breed concept of software and hardware.

Answer: C

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