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2016 Apr 220-602 Study Guide Questions:

Q286. A technician is attempting to join a Windows XP Professional computer to a domain, but gets an error message that a domain controller cannot be contacted. Upon further testing, the technician is able to PING the domain controller by IP address. Which of the following is the MOST likely problem?

A. An improper DNS configuration

B. The user logged in does not have authority to join a domain

C. An incorrect subnet mask

D. A bad network card

Answer: A

Q287. An technician must configure all Windows XP on the network to download and install updates at the same time each day. Where should the technician do?

A. Open Automatic Updates on the Start menu, select the Automatic (Recommended) radio button, and specify the time.

B. Open Windows Updates on the Start menu, select the Automatic (Recommended) radio button, and specify the time.

C. Open Automatic Updates in the Administrative Tools menu, select the Automatic (Recommended) radio button, and specify the time.

D. Open Windows Update Scheduler in System Tools, select the Automatic (Recommended) radio button, and specify the time.

Answer: A

Q288. You are working as a technician at A user requests some assistance with her computer. It seems that her display is limited to a 16 color mode. Which of the following alternatives could be the cause of this problem?

A. There is an incompatible driver installed.

B. The computer is running in dual monitor mode.

C. The interrupt request for the video adapter in the BIOS is disabled.

D. The monitor is not compatible with the video adapter in the computer.

Answer: A

Q289. A(n) ______ printer requires special paper on which to print.

A. laser

B. thermal

C. impact

D. color

Answer: B

Q290. As a senior technician you need to share some files on your computer to your colleagues. You have shared a folder to the other computers on the unencrypted wireless network. You want to prevent that someone unauthorized creates new files in the shared folder or deletes files from the shared folder. Which of the following actions may resolve this problem? (Choose TWO).

A. Change the Share Permissions of the shared folder so that Read and Modify access are denied for all users.

B. Enable encryption on the router and for all of the authorized computers.

C. Encrypt the disk that contains the shared files.

D. Remove the shared folder and tell users to bring the files they wish to share to other computers using USB drives.

E. Change the NTFS Permissions on the shared folder so that only authorized users may access the shared folder.

Answer: BE

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Q291. You work as a network technician at The trainee has asked you which preventative maintenance should be performed on a computer with access to the Internet.

What would your reply be?

A. You should ensure the user is able to download cookies from the Internet.

B. You should ensure that the user trust all unsigned ActiveX controls under Internet Explorer properties.

C. You should make use of your anti-virus software for running a virus scan of the memory and hard disk drives.

D. You should disable the Windows Firewall and increase the number of web sites visited.

Answer: C

Q292. Which of the following statements makes use of the proper command and syntax for converting FAT32 volumes to NTFS volumes?

A. You should use the command Format volume: /fs:ntfs

B. You should use the command Convert volume: /fs:ntfs

C. You should use the command ATTRIB volume: /fs:FAT

D. You should use the command MODE volume: /fs:FAT32

Answer: B

Q293. An technician must create a disk image of a hard disk. Which following options should the technician use?

A. sysprep

B. xcopy

C. shadow copy

D. copy disk

Answer: A

Q294. Damage caused by electrostatic discharge (ESD) can be prevented by:

A. wearing an anti-static coat.

B. using an electromagnetic interference (EMI) strap.

C. using an anti-static mat.

D. wrapping all computer components in aluminum foil.

Answer: C

Q295. You work as the network technician at A newly appointed trainee wants to know the proper response to use when misbehaving youngsters are stopping you from completing your task. What would your response be?

A. You should talk to the child and ask that the child stop misbehaving.

B. You should have the misbehaving child removed from the work area.

C. You should insist the child be removed till your task is complete.

D. You should ask the child's parent or guardian to remove the child from the work area.

Answer: D

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Q296. Which of the following statements is TRUE regarding the cable type used for connecting a printer to the parallel port of your computer?

A. The IEEE 1284 cable specification will be used.

B. The USB cable specification will be used.

C. The serial cable specification will be used.

D. The SATA specification will be used.

Answer: A

Q297. An user calls you with a problem. Suddenly it seems that the user is unable to access any network resources. What should you check FIRST in order to solve the problem?

A. Check for a link light on the NIC.

B. Reconfigure TCP/IP settings.

C. Replace the NIC.

D. Reinstall network interface card (NIC) drivers.

Answer: A

Q298. A technician has upgraded a video card and when the computer is powered on, a series of beeps is heard. The technician should FIRST:

A. verify that the video card is seated properly.

B. verify that the memory and CPU are seated properly.

C. update the BIOS.

D. replace the video card.

Answer: A

Q299. Which of the following is the location of backup registry files that Windows creates during an install process?

A. %systemroot%\system

B. %systemroot%\system32

C. %systemroot%\repair

D. %systemroot%\backup

Answer: C

Q300. A user reports that the computer appears to be working more slowly than usual. Which of the following actions should be taken FIRST?

A. Add a new hard drive and format by creating the same file system.

B. Backup and recover the hard drive.

C. Format and re-install the hard drive.

D. Use the defrag tool from the Properties on the hard drive.

Answer: D

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