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Exam Code: 220-602 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: CompTIA 220-602 Exam (IT Technician designation pathway)
Certification Provider: CompTIA
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2016 Apr 220-602 Study Guide Questions:

Q46. Which of the following statements regarding a laptop is TRUE?

A. IDE interface hard drives on a laptop are hot-swappable.

B. The keyboard on a laptop is hot-swappable.

C. The memory on a laptop is hot-swappable.

D. The modular CD-ROM drive on a laptop is hot-swappable.

Answer: D

Q47. You are working as a technician at Exambible.com. A user calls and asks for assistance. The user states that she plugged a laptop alternating current (AC) adapter into the outlet at his office and a spark was emitted and now the screen appears dim. Which of the following is MOST likely the cause?

A. The video card has shorted out.

B. The inverter board shorted out.

C. The system requires a reboot.

D. The system has overheated.

Answer: B

Q48. You are working as a technician at Exambible.com. You boss has heard about an attack that plays on human behavior and how people interact. What is he referring to?

A. social engineering.

B. physical engineering.

C. human intelligence.


Answer: A

Q49. Which of the following tools can be used to check whether a COM port on a computer is communicating?

A. POST card

B. loopback plugs

C. ATX tester

D. multimeter

Answer: B

Q50. Which of the following is the difference between TCP and UDP Transports of the TCP/IP Protocol Suite?

A. UDP is used for secure transmissions only and TCP is used for any type of transmission.

B. UDP needs to perform authenticate before data is passed and TCP does not.

C. TCP acknowledges each bit transmitted and UDP does not use acknowledgements.

D. TCP works in a type of broadcast mode to all network nodes and UDP does not.

Answer: C

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Q51. Which of the following technologies are used for a short-range communication connection to a wireless keyboard and mouse?

A. Cellular.

B. Ethernet.

C. Firewire.

D. Bluetooth.

Answer: D

Q52. An Exambible.com user complains that the screen on his laptop remains blank when he turns on his laptop. The Exambible.com technician ascertains that the power light comes on and that the laptop does boot up. What should the technician do to enable the display?

A. Press the Fn and Screen keys until the display appears.

B. Attach an external LCD or CRT monitor to the laptop.

C. Check that the screen's video cable is plugged into the laptop.

D. Check that the monitor is powered on.

Answer: A

Q53. Which of the following Windows XP utilities can be used to keep a disk drive free of errors?

A. Disk Defragmenter

B. Disk Cleanup

C. Check Disk

D. All of the above.

Answer: D

Q54. Which of the following shortcuts will lock a computer without logging off?

A. Windows Key + R

B. Ctrl + Alt + Del and select Standby

C. Windows Key + W

D. Ctrl + Alt + Del and select Lock Computer

Answer: D

Q55. What should the Exambible.com technician do to resolve a fuser error code' problem on a laser printer?

A. Replace the printer's fuser unit.

B. Replace the printer's corona wire.

C. Recalibrate the printer.

D. Restart the printer.

Answer: A

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Q56. You work as the security administrator at Exambible.com. While monitoring network traffic, you find that your domain name server is resolving the domain name to the incorrect IP (Internet Protocol) address. You discover that Internet traffic is being misdirected.

You immediately suspect that an intruder has launched a malicious attack against the network. Which type of network attack is in progress?

A. A DoS (Denial of Service) attack.

B. A Spoofing attack.

C. A Brute Force attack.

D. A Reverse DNS (Domain Name Service).

Answer: B

Q57. You are working as a technician at Exambible.com. You receive a call from a user reporting that on his Windows XP computer there are several programs, that the user neither recognizes nor wants to run, that are slowing the computer. Which of the following may you use in order to resolve this problem?





Answer: A

Q58. Which of the following is required to set up a secure wireless connection? (Choose TWO.)

A. The brand and model of the access point.

B. The wireless brand being used.

C. The SSID of the wireless access point.

D. The encryption standard being used.

Answer: CD

Q59. Which of the following types of numbers are displayed in a bluescreen error?

A. 10 digit binary dump code

B. 10 digit decimal number

C. 10 digit binary number

D. 10 digit hexadecimal number

Answer: D

Q60. An Exambible.com user account named MHamm on a Windows XP Professional SP2 computer is a member of a workgroup. An Exambible.com technician changes the MHamm account to Limited. MHamm. Now the user will NOT be able to ______.

A. browse through the files on the computer

B. send and receive e-mail messages

C. log on to the Internet

D. install programs

Answer: D

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