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2016 Apr 220-702 Study Guide Questions:

Q226. Which of the following commands will make exact duplicates of files and directory trees? 





Answer: C 

Q227. A user has recently added a second IDE CD-RW drive to a machine in addition to the primary DVD-ROM drive. The drive opens and closes; however, they do not see it show up in Windows. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause? 

A. The drive jumper settings are incorrect. 

B. The drive is not receiving power from PSU. 

C. Windows only supports one optical drive. 

D. The user connected the drive with a SATA cable. 

Answer: A 

Q228. Which of the following switches in Windows can be used to ping a host until stopped? 

A. -l 

B. -a 

C. -t 

D. -f 

Answer: C 

Q229. Which of the following allows a program or port through a software firewall? 

A. Exception 

B. Pass-through 

C. Port-forwarding 

D. Punch-through 

Answer: A 

Q230. Which of the following is the administrator’s profile path in Windows 2000? 

A. C:\Profiles\Administrator 

B. C:\Windows\System32 

C. C:\Users\Administrator 

D. C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator 

Answer: D 

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Q231. Which of the following should the technician do FIRST when replacing a motherboard? 

A. Use a benchmarking tool 

B. Use anti-static wrist band 

C. Remove the CPU 

D. Remove the power supply 

Answer: B 

Q232. A technician installs a local web server which is not accessible from the network. Which of the following is the local IP address that the web server should be using on the loopback adapter? 





Answer: A 

Q233. A user installed a Blu-Ray drive in their PC. The user reports that the new drive and their existing DVD-RW drive are not operating. Which of the following needs to be replaced? 

A. Power supply 


C. Blu-Ray drive 

D. Motherboard 

Answer: A 

Q234. A user reports that they are unable to open any audio files. Yesterday, the user uninstalled third party music software. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of the user’s error? 

A. The file associations were not returned after the software was uninstalled. 

B. The user is not opening the files correctly. 

C. The uninstalled software has corrupted all the audio files on the computer. 

D. The sound card is not properly configured. 

Answer: A 

Q235. The technician is working on a system and has determined that the hard drive must be reimaged. However, the customer wants to retain all the data. Which of the following would take the LEAST amount of time to implement? 

A. Create a new partition on the hard drive, copy all data to the new partition, reimage the drive, and the old data will be on the new partition and accessible. 

B. Install a new hard drive, slave the old drive, image the new drive, and show the customer how to access their data on the old drive. 

C. Upload the data to an external FTP server, reimage the drive, and then restore the data to the newly imaged drive. 

D. Copy data to a USB connected hard drive, reimage the drive, and then restore the data to the newly imaged drive. 

Answer: D 

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Q236. A user reports the system runs fine for a few minutes and then freezes or locks up. Which of the following is the BEST cause of this issue? 

A. Memory is bad or not seated. 

B. Fans are failing. 

C. Power supply needs to be replaced. 

D. CD-ROM is faulty and needs to be replaced. 

Answer: B 

Q237. An executive’s laptop screen has been damaged and will not power on. Which of the following is the FASTEST way to get the executive back online? 

A. Pull the hard drive and install it in a spare laptop of the same make and model. 

B. Replace the motherboard on the laptop. 

C. Build the executive a temporary laptop and attempt to repair the damaged one. 

D. Replace the backlight on the laptop. 

Answer: A 

Q238. When installing a 32-bit operating system, which of the following is the MAXIMUM amount of RAM that will be recognized by the system? 

A. ~2GB 

B. ~3GB 

C. ~4GB 

D. ~6GB 

Answer: C 

Q239. Two users share the same Windows 7 computer. The first user creates a document intended to be used by both users, and then logs off. The second user logs on and types the name of the document in the Start menu, but the document is not found. Which of the following is the problem? 

A. The document is set to hidden. 

B. The document is locked. 

C. The document was saved as a system document. 

D. The document is owned by the first user. 

Answer: D 

Q240. Which of the following groups is BEST to assign to a home user to prevent software installation? 

A. Users 

B. Administrators 

C. Power Users 

D. Remote Desktop Users 

Answer: A 

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