98-361 mta software development fundamentals : Apr 2016 Edition

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2016 Apr 98-361 Study Guide Questions:

Q49. You created a class named GeoShape. You defined a method called Area in the GeoShape class. This method calculates the area of a geometric shape. You want the derived classes of GeoShape to supersede this functionality to support the area calculation of additional geometric shapes. When the method Area is invoked on a GeoShape object, the area should be calculated based on the runtime type of the GeoShape object. Which keyword should you use with the definition of the Area method in the GeoShape class? 

A. abstract 

B. virtual 

C. new 

D. overrides 

Answer: B 

Q50. You are developing an ASP.NET application using C#. On your Web page, you want to display the results returned by a C# method named GetShipmentStatus when the page is rendered to the client. Which of the following code segments should you use to call the GetShipmentStatus method? 

A. <script language="c#" runat="server"> 



B. <script language="c#" runat="client"> 



C. <script language="c#"> 



D. <%= GetShipmentStatus() %> 

Answer: D 

Q51. As you design a database for your company, you review the normalization rules for the database tables. You need to ensure that your table design meets the requirements for the third normal form. Which of the following statements must be true for your tables? (Choose all that apply.) 

A. None of the columns in the table should have multiple values in the same row of data. 

B. All non-key columns are functionally dependent on the entire primary key. 

C. At least one non-key column is functionally dependent on the entire primary key. 

D. Non-key attributes don’t share any functional dependency. 

E. Non-key attributes share functional dependency. 

Answer: ABD 

Q52. You need to develop a C# program that exports the contents of the Customers table to an XML file. The exported data must be in the following format: 

<Customer CustomerID="ALFKI" ContactName="Maria Anders" Phone="030-007-4321" /> 

<Customer CustomerID="ANATR" ContactName="Ana Trujillo" Phone="(5) 555-4729" /> 

Which of the following code segments should you use to export the Customers table to the specified XML format? 

A. foreach(DataColumn c in dataset1.tables["Customers"].Columns) 

B. ColumnMapping = MappingType.Attribute; 


C. foreach(DataColumn c in dataset1.tables["Customers"].Columns) 

D. ColumnMapping = MappingType.Element; 


E. foreach(DataColumn c in dataset1.tables["Customers"].Columns) 

F. ColumnMapping = MappingType.Attribute; 

dataSet1.WriteXml("Customers.xml", XmlWriteMode.WriteSchema); 

G. foreach(DataColumn c in dataset1.tables["Customers"].Columns) 

H. ColumnMapping = MappingType.Element; 

dataSet1.WriteXml("Customers.xml", XmlWriteMode.WriteSchema); 

Answer: A 

Q53. You are developing an application that manages customers and their orders. Any solution that you develop must take the least amount of effort but offer the best performance.. Which of the following situations is not a good candidate for implementation with stored procedures in your application? 

A. Retrieving the list of all customers in the database 

B. Retrieving the list of all orders for particular customers 

C. Inserting a new order into the Orders table 

D. Ad hoc querying by the database administrator 

Answer: D 

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Q54. You are reviewing a C# program. The program contains the following class: 

public struct Rectangle { public double Length {get; set;} public double Width { get; set; } } 

The program executes the following code as part of the Main method: 

Rectangle r1, r2; 

r1 = new Rectangle { Length = 10.0, Width = 20.0 }; 

r2 = r1; 

r2.Length = 30; 


What will be the output when this code is executed? 

A. 10 

B. 20 

C. 30 

D. 40 

Answer: A 

Q55. You are developing an application that stores data in SQL Server 2005 database. You need to write a query that retrieves all orders in the orders table that were placed on January 1, 2011. You write the following query: 


WHERE OrderDate = 01/01/2011 

The statement executes without any error but does not return any data. You are certain that the database contains order from this date. How should you correct the SQL statement? 

A. SELECT * FROM Orders 

WHERE OrderDate = #01/01/2011# 

B. SELECT * FROM Orders 

WHERE OrderDate = %01/01/2011% 

C. SELECT * FROM Orders 

WHERE OrderDate = '01/01/2011' 

D. SELECT * FROM Orders 

WHERE OrderDate = "01/01/2011" 

Answer: C

Q56. Suppose that you are a new C# developer and are reviewing object-oriented programming fundamentals. 

Which of the following statements is not true? 

A. A class is a concrete instance of an object. 

B. A class defines the template for an object. 

C. A class is a definition of a new data type. 

D. A constructor is used to initialize the data members of the object. 

Answer: A 

Q57. You are developing a Windows forms application used by a government agency. You need to develop a distinct user interface element that accepts user input. This user interface will be reused across several other applications in the organization. None of the controls in the Visual Studio toolbox meets your requirements; you need to develop all your code in house. Which of the following actions should you take? 

A. Develop a Windows Forms application for the user interface. 

B. Develop a custom control for the user interface. 

C. Buy the control from a third-party. 

D. Develop a console application for the user interface. 

Answer: B 

Q58. You are writing code for a new method named Process: 

void Draw(object o) 

The code receives a parameter of type object. You need to cast this object into the type Polygon. At times, the value of o that is passed to the method might not be a valid Polygon value. You need to make sure that the code does not generate any System.InvalidCastException errors while doing the conversions. 

Which of the following lines of code should you use inside the Draw method to accomplish this goal? 

A. Polygon p = (Polygon) o; 

B. Polygon p = o is Polygon; 

C. Polygon p = o as Polygon; 

D. Polygon p = (o != null) ? o as Polygon : (Polygon) o; 

Answer: C 

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Q59. You are developing a new application that optimizes the processing of a warehouse’s operations. When the products arrive, they are stored on warehouse racks. To minimize the time it takes to retrieve an item, the items that arrive last are the first to go out. You need to represent the items that arrive and leave the warehouse in a data structure. Which data structure should you use to represent this situation? 

A. array 

B. linked list 

C. stack 

D. queue 

Answer: C 

Q60. You are C# developer who is developing a Windows application. You develop a new class that must be accessible to all the code packaged in the same assembly. Even the classes that are in the same assembly but do not directly or indirectly inherit from this class must be able to access the code. Any code outside the assembly should not be able to access the new class. Which access modifier should you use to declare the new class? 

A. public 

B. protected 

C. private 

D. internal 

Answer: C 

Q61. You are writing a C# program and need to select an appropriate repetition structure for your requirement. You need to make sure that the test for the termination condition is performed at the bottom of the loop rather than at the top. Which repletion structure should you use? 

A. The while statement 

B. The for statement 

C. The foreach statement 

D. The do-while statement 

Answer: D 

Q62. The application you are developing needs to write data to a flat file that include items such as a five-digit integer key, followed by a 20-character customer name, followed by two date and time fields. Your solution should be as fast as possible and should create smallest size data file. Which of the following classes should you use? 

A. FileStream 

B. StreamWriter 

C. BinaryWriter 

D. DataWriter 

Answer: C 

Q63. You are developing a new Windows service application. The application contains three different Windows services. Each service will have a different start type. Which of the following classes will help you perform the installation tasks specific to each service? You must suggest a solution that requires the least coding effort. 

A. System.ServiceProcess.ServiceProcessInstaller 

B. System.ServiceProcess.ServiceInstaller class 

C. System.Configuration.Installer class 

D. System.Configuration.Installer.ComponentInstaller class 

Answer: B 

Q64. You are C# developer who is developing a Windows application. You need to provide a common definition of a base class that can be shared by multiple derived classes. Which keyword should you use to declare the new class? 

A. virtual 

B. sealed 

C. interface 

D. abstract 

Answer: C 

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