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Exam Name: MTA Security Fundamentals Practice Test
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2016 Apr 98-367 Study Guide Questions:

Q113. John works as a Network Administrator for We-are-secure Inc. The We-are-secure server is based on Windows Server 2003. One day, while analyzing the network security, he receives an error message that Kernel32.exe is encountering a problem. Which of the following steps should John take as a countermeasure to this situation? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose all that apply. 

A. He should restore his Windows settings. 

B. He should upgrade his antivirus program. 

C. He should observe the process viewer (Task Manager) to see whether any new process is running on the computer or not. If any new malicious process is running, he should kill that process. 

D. He should download the latest patches for Windows Server 2003 from the Microsoft site, so that he can repair the kernel. 

Answer: BC 

Q114. Mark works as a Security Administrator for TechMart Inc. The company has a a Windows-based network. Mark has gone through a security audit for ensuring that the technical system is secure and protected. While this audit, he identified many areas that need improvement. He wants to minimize the risk for potential security threats by educating team members in the area of social engineering, and providing basic security principle knowledge while stressing the Con?dentiality, Integrity, and Availability triangle in the training of his team members . Which of the following ways will Mark use for educating his team members on the social engineering process? 

A. He will call a team member while behaving to be someone else for gaining access to sensitive information. 

B. He will use group policies to disable the use of floppy drives or USB drives. 

C. He will develop a social awareness of security threats within an organization. 

D. He will protect against a Distributed Denial of Services attack. 

Answer: A 

Q115. You work as a Network Administrator for NetTech Inc. You want to prevent users from accessing the graphical user interface (GUI) on the computers in the network. What will you do to accomplish this task? 

A. Implement a remote access policy 

B. Implement a group policy 

C. Apply NTFS permission 

D. Implement an account policy 

Answer: B 

Q116. Which of the following security features of IE 7+ makes it more difficult for malware to be installed? 

A. Security zones 

B. Phishing filter 

C. Protected mode 

D. Pop-up blocker 

Answer: C 

Q117. Which of the following terms refers to the access of a wireless Internet connection by bringing one's own computer within the range of another's wireless connection, and using that service without the subscriber's explicit permission or knowledge?

A. Samhain

B. Snooping

C. Piggybacking

D. Vampire tap

Answer: C

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Q118. Mark works as a Network Administrator fot Blue Well Inc. The company has a Windows-based network. Mark is facing a series of problems with email spam and identifying theft via phishing scams. He wants to implement the various security measures and to provide some education because it is related to the best practices while using email. Which of the following can Mark use to minimize the spam amount that is hitting the Microsoft Exchange server of the company? 

A. Enable reverse DNS lookup 

B. Use Read-only Domain Controller 

C. Add Sender Policy Framework 

D. Permit User Account Control 

Answer: A 

Q119. You want to standardize security throughout your network. You primarily use Microsoft operating systems for servers and workstations. What is the best way to have standardized security (i.e. same password policies, lockout policies, etc.) throughout the network on clients and servers? 

A. Publish the desired policies to all employees directing them to implement according to policy. 

B. Configure each computer to adhere to the standard policies. 

C. When installing new workstations or servers, image a machine that has proper security settings and install the new machine with that image. 

D. Utilize Windows Security Templates for all computers. 

Answer: D 

Q120. Which of the following is an organization that defines standards for anti-virus software? 





Answer: A 

Q121. Which of the following services does IPSec provide for protecting data? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose two. 

A. Network authentication 

B. Encryption 

C. Data authentication 

D. Compression 

Answer: BC 

Q122. Which of the following is a secret numeric password shared between a user and a system for authenticating the user to the system? 


B. Private key 

C. Key escrow 

D. Public key 

Answer: A 

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Q123. Which of the following are required to enable for preventing the users from downloading and installing software from the Internet? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose all that apply. 

A. Software restriction policies 

B. PTR record 

C. User Account Control 

D. Anti-Virus software 

Answer: AC

Q124. Which of the following are the features of security level in the Restricted Sites zone 

A. The protection against harmful content is provided. 

B. The maximum safeguards are used. 

C. Most of the features are disabled. 

D. The default security level is low. 

Answer: ABC 

Q125. Which of the following can be implemented to decrease the number of times a user is required to be authenticated for access a particular resource? 

A. TCP/IP protocol 

B. Network Directory Access Protocol 

C. Kerberos 

D. Single Sign-on (SSO) 

Answer: D 

Q126. Which of the following protocols is used to secure workstation and computer authentication across the network? 


B. Network Directory Access Protocol 

C. Kerberos 

D. Lightweight Directory Access Protocol 

Answer: C 

Q127. Which of the following is a attack type that is used to poison a network or computer to the point where the system is turned into unusable state? 

A. Mail bombing 

B. Pharming 

C. Protocol spoofing 

D. Denial of service (DOS) 

Answer: D 

Q128. You have bought a Windows Vista Enterprise Edition computer. You want to enable BitLocker encryption through the Control Panel. In the Startup Preference dialog box, choose the startup options that can be selected if the computer has a built-in TPM chip. 


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