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2016 Mar AWS-Solution-Architect-Associate Study Guide Questions:

Q290. Because of the extensibility limitations of striped storage attached to Windows Server, Amazon RDS does not currently support increasing storage on a DB Instance.

A. SQL Server


C. Oracle

Answer: A


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Q291. You have a video transcoding application running on Amazon EC2. Each instance polls a queue to find out which video should be transcoded, and then runs a transcoding process. If this process is interrupted, the video will be transcoded by another instance based on the queuing system. You have a large backlog of videos which need to be transcoded and would like to reduce this backlog by adding more instances. You will need these instances only until the backlog is reduced. Which type of Amazon EC2 instances should you use to reduce the backlog in the most cost efficient way?

A. Reserved instances

B. Spot instances

C. Dedicated instances

D. On-demand instances

Answer: B

Q300. Does Route 53 support MX Records?

A. Yes.

B. It supports CNAME records, but not MX records.

C. No

D. Only Primary MX records. Secondary MX records are not supported.

Answer: A


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