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Exam Name: AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate
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2016 May AWS-Solution-Architect-Associate Study Guide Questions:

Q226. What is an isolated database environment running in the cloud (Amazon RDS) called?

A. DB Instance

B. DB Unit

C. DB Server

D. DB Volume

Answer: A


Q227. Amazon S3 doesn't automatically give a user who creates permission to perform other actions on that bucket or object.

A. a file

B. a bucket or object

C. a bucket or file

D. a object or file

Answer: B


Q228. How can you secure data at rest on an EBS volume?

C. Encrypt the volume using the S3 server-side encryption service.

D. Create an IAM policy that restricts read and write access to the volume.

E. Use an encrypted file system on top of the EBS volume.

Answer: C


Route Tables: rrb-218DC449



subnet-258bc44d: rtb-2i8bc449 Subnet-248DC44C rtb-238tX44b subnet-9189c6f9 rtb-238Dc 44b

You are now ready to begin deploying EC2 instances into the VPC Web servers must have direct access to the internet Application and database servers cannot have direct access to the internet.

Which configuration below will allow you the ability to remotely administer your application and database servers, as well as allow these servers to retrieve updates from the Internet?

A. Create a bastion and NAT Instance in subnet-248bc44c and add a route from rtb- 238bc44b to subnet-258bc44d.

B. Add a route from rtD-238bc44D to igw-2d8bc445 and add a bastion and NAT instance within suonet-248bc44c.

C. Create a bastion and MAT Instance In subnet-258bc44d. Add a route from rtb-238bc44b to igw-2d8bc445. And a new NACL that allows access between subnet-258bc44d and subnet-248bc44c.

D. Create a bastion and mat instance in suDnet-258Dc44d and add a route from rtD- 238Dc44D to the mat instance.

Answer: A


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