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Exam Code: MB3-529 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: GP 10.0 Inventory & Order Processing
Certification Provider: Microsoft
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2016 Apr MB3-529 Study Guide Questions:

Q17. Purchase Order Returns will allow you to return what types of transactions? Choose the 2 that apply.

A. Purchase Order Receipts

B. Purchase Order Approval Receipts

C. Sales Order Processing Receipts

D. Inventory Receipts

Answer: A, D

Q18. When entering a transfer transaction, which characteristic of the default unit cost is true?

A. It will default with the unit cost if the item is set up to "default with unit cost"

B. Always defaults with current cost or standard cost (dependent on valuation method) and can be changed

C. Always defaults with the current cost or standard cost (dependent on valuation method) and cannot be changed

D. Never defaults. No cost is associated with the transfer transaction because the item isn't being sold.

Answer: C

Q19. When happens when a stock count schedule is started? Choose the 3 that apply.

A. A stock count form can be printed to aid in the stock count.

B. Users are prevented from entering any transactions that affect the items quantity on hand

C. The quantities counted can be entered in the Stock Count Entry window.

D. A "snapshot" of the items quantities is taken. Users can still enter and post transactions that affect items quantity on hand

Answer: ACD

Q20. A kit is entered on an invoice in Sales Order Processing. What is the most efficient approach to change a kit component on the invoice?

A. Delete the invoice, change the kit component in the Item Maintenance window, reenter the kit

B. Change the kit component directly on the invoice by opening the item expansion button and selecting the Kits button

C. Change the Kit item on the Order and transfer it to a new invoice

D. The component cannot be changed once it is added to an invoice

Answer: B

Q21. A purchase order for 100 items is entered. You receive and post the first shipment of 10 items. A second shipment of 20 items is entered. On the second shipment, what is the Previously Shipped quantity and how is it calculated?

A. 10, It includes only the quantity on previous shipments

B. 20, It includes only the quantity on this shipment

C. 100, It includes the quantity that was originally ordered

D. 30, the system adds the quantity on previous shipments and the quantity on this shipment

Answer: D

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Q22. If you are not using a separate fulfillment, when must an item on a Sales Order Processing order be fulfilled?

A. After the item is allocated

B. Before the item is allocated

C. Only when the item is on an order

D. Only when the item is on an invoice

Answer: A

Q23. What is the purpose of "defining an account segment" in Inventory Control?

A. It can be used to represent an inventory site

B. It can be used to post items

C. It can be used to transfer items from one site to another

D. It can be used to delete items

Answer: A

Q24. Which of the following are requirements for linking an item on a purchase order to a Sales Order Processing document? Choose the 2 that apply.

A. The purchase order item cannot be fully committed to another SOP document already.

B. The purchase order item must have a shipment and invoice entered and posted against the purchase order.

C. The purchase order item must be on a standard purchase order, not a drop-ship purchase order.

D. The item number must be the same on the purchase order and the sales order

Answer: AD

Q25. Which of the following Invoice types will be available to select for Automated Returns in Sales Order Processing?

A. Open documents only

B. Open and Historical documents

C. Historical documents only

D. Open and current period Historical documents

Answer: C

Q26. Which of the following modules are updated by posting a shipment in Purchase Order Processing? Choose the 2 that apply.

A. General Ledger

B. Inventory

C. Payables Management

D. Bank Reconciliation

Answer: AB

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Q27. A bin number can be assigned to which of the following?

A. Specific site IDs

B. The "All" site ID

C. Specific Lots

D. Unassigned site Ids

Answer: A

Q28. Which of the following processes can be delayed by creating a Process Hold? Choose the 3 that apply.

A. Transferring documents

B. Posting documents

C. Printing documents

D. Allocating documents

Answer: ABC

Q29. If you choose Order To Master Site as the Auto PO Generator order method, what does this tell the system to do?

A. The system will use a recommended order line for the item using the Site ID where the material is required

B. It tells the user that the inventory is lowest at the master site

C. It tells the system to distribute items to a system generated site called Master Site

D. It tells the system to consolidate all the items needed and distribute them to a designated main site

Answer: D

Q30. What does the reconcile process accomplish in sales order processing? Choose the 3 that apply.

A. It verifies batch controls if this option is marked before reconciling

B. It sums the extended prices to verify subtotal is correct

C. It verifies current vendor information is correct

D. It verifies remaining quantities on items

Answer: ABD

Q31. When does a $500 deposit, entered on an order in Sales Transaction Entry, update the Bank Reconciliation module?

A. When the order is saved to a batch

B. When the order is posted

C. When the order is transferred to an invoice

D. When the Sales Payment Entry window is closed

Answer: D

Q32. Where does the system store the value for the average cost of an item when the item is set up to use the Average Perpetual method?

A. The system stores it as the Standard Cost for that item

B. The system stores it as the Average Cost for that item

C. The system stores it as the List Price for that item

D. The system stores it as the Current Cost for that item

Answer: D

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