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Exam Code: MB3-637 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: GP 10.0 Manufacturing Applications
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2016 Mar MB3-637 Study Guide Questions:

Q65. Which of the following is a setup option for outsourcing? Choose the 3 that apply.

A. Apply Additional Outsourcing Costs to MO

B. Mark Outsourced Sequences as "Done" when Service is Received

C. Include Sequence Notes Report with Outsourcing Shipping Report

D. Include Sequence Notes Report when Order is transferred to an Invoice

Answer: ABC

Q66. The primary routing for Item A is set up with the Sequence, Setup Time and Labor Time as 100, 1 hour, 0 hours and 200, 0 hours, 2 hours. The labor code for the setup time has a shop rate of $50 per hour. The labor code for the labor time has a shop rate of $20 per hour. The standard cost preferences are set up to not prorate. When this item is rolled up and revalued, what is the resulting labor standard cost for Item A?

A. $50

B. $70

C. $90

D. $120

Answer: C

Q67. Which statements are true with respect to pending and proposed costs? Choose the 2 that apply.

A. Pending costs are established using the Standard Cost Changes window

B. Pending costs are established using the Roll Up and Revalue Inventory window

C. Proposed costs are established using the Standard Cost Changes window

D. Proposed costs are established using the Roll Up and Revalue Inventory window

Answer: BC

Q68. If it takes two employees one hour to complete a routing step, what should the value for labor time and cycle time be for that routing step to accurately reflect proper costing and scheduling?

A. Labor = 1, Cycle = 1

B. Labor =1, Cycle = 2

C. Labor = 2, Cycle = 1

D. Labor = 2, Cycle = 2

Answer: C

Q69. What are valid Manufacturing Order Statuses for Reverse an MO Receipt [Transactions > Manufacturing >Manufacturing Orders > MO Receipt Entry]? Choose the 2 that apply.

A. Released

B. Partialy Received

C. Complete

D. Closed

Answer: BC

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Q70. Using the MRP Quantities Query Window, what is the default setting for date range of the MRP run information?

A. Current Fiscal Year

B. Current Calendar year

C. Regen period

D. Regen period with past due

Answer: D

Q71. The list of purchase orders suggested by MRP can be found in which of the following windows? Choose the 2 that apply.

A. Purchase Order Request Resolution

B. MRP Pegging

C. Edit MO Status

D. MRP Workbench

Answer: AB

Q72. If an item can be used as a substitute for one of the components required to manufacture another item, what window is used to make this entry?

A. BOM Entry

B. Item Engineering

C. Item Resource Planning

D. Item Maintenance Options

Answer: A

Q73. Which of the following cost buckets can be chosen to reflect the outsourcing costs for a Manufacturing Order? Choose the 3 that apply.

A. Material

B. Labor

C. Machine Fixed Overhead

D. Machine Variable Overhead

Answer: BCD

Q74. If 111 units have to be stated in order to end up with 100 units due to scrap, what window should be used to assign a 10% shrink factor?

A. BOM Header Edit

B. BOM Entry

C. Item Engineering

D. Item Resource Planning

Answer: C

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Q75. Which statement(s) are correct regarding MRP? Choose the 2 that apply.

A. Items are not included in MRP calculation if a picklist is not built

B. Items that are subassemblies of parent items which reside in the MRP exclusion window will not be calculated in MRP

C. Phantom items does not generate MRP Planned Oreders, but the phantoms components does.

D. All sites will always be included in MRP

Answer: BC

Q76. A repair order does not require all of the parts it takes to build an order from scratch. After the MO is entered what is the easiest way to manage component requirements?

A. The BOM should be temporarily modified to reflect the appropriate items required for the repair

B. The picklist should be altered to reflect the appropriate items required for the repair

C. The BOM and the picklist should be modified

D. All components should be set to backflush

Answer: B

Q77. The floor stock expense account can be defined in which of the following windows?

A. Item Resource Planning

B. Item Cost Maintenance > Costing

C. Item Engineering

D. Manufacturing Order Preference Defaults

Answer: D

Q78. Which of the following is true with regard to the MRP Move Order Inquiry Window? Choose the 2 that apply.

A. The window is only available from the MRP Projected Available Balance Inquiry window

B. The window is used to determine the move in or out date on a suggested MRP order

C. The window shows the availability of the picklist components, based on the new suggested due date

D. The window is valid with MRP suggested orders

Answer: AC

Q79. When using the purchase request resolution window and attempting to create a PO, what does the blue star next to the vendor name denote?

A. The lead time on this vendor is too long

B. This was the last vendor this item was ordered from

C. This is the primary vendor assigned to this item/site

D. A Vendor/Item relationship exists

Answer: C

Q80. Before a bill of material can be used in manufacturing order entry, what dates will affect the use of this bill of material?

A. The system does not validate dates for bill of materials

B. The component in/out dates and MO end date

C. The BOM effective date and component in/out dates

D. The allocation dates on the picklist

Answer: C

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