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Exam Code: MB3-861 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Installation & Configuration
Certification Provider: Microsoft
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2016 Mar MB3-861 Study Guide Questions:

Q18. When using an installation package for deployment, the user should have read and write permission to the location of the: Choose the 2 that apply. 

A. Letters folder. 

B. Microsoft Dynamics GP Code folder. 

C. OLE Notes folder. 

D. SQL folder. 

Answer: AC 

Q19. How many types of update files can you use for Automatic Updates? 

A. Three. Update installation packages (.msp files), customizations (.cnk files), and dictionary files (.dic files) 

B. Two. Update installation packages (.msp files) and customizations (.cnk files) 

C. One. Update installation packages (.msp files) 

D. Unlimited 

Answer: B 

Q20. Which statements describe the Company Login window? Choose the 2 that apply. 

A. Access this window from Microsoft Dynamics GP >> User and Company. 

B. Access this window from Microsoft Dynamics GP >> User Preferences. 

C. All companies appear in the Company Login window. 

D. Only companies that the user has access to appear in the Company Login window. 

Answer: AD 

Q21. During a workstation installation, a file called duinstall.log records errors. By default, where is the duinstall.log file located? 

A. C:\Temp 

B. C:\Windows\Temp 

C. C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics\GP2010 

D. C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics\GP2010\Data 

Answer: D 

Q22. What should you confirm before beginning the Microsoft Dynamics GP installation on a workstation? 

A. The intended GP user has been set up in SQL prior to the installation 

B. The login account has domain administrator privileges 

C. The ODBC connection to the SQL server is set up 

D. You have logged onto the workstation with local administrator privileges 

Answer: D 

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Up to the minute MB3-861 test engine:

Q23. After the DYNAMICS database has been initialized, you need to modify the system password. Where can you perform this action? 

A. Microsoft Dynamics GP Utilities 

B. Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio 

C. System Password Setup window 

D. User Setup window 

Answer: C 

Q24. When using Microsoft Office Word Templates to print in place of certain standard Microsoft Dynamics GP reports, the system will refer to the template assignments in what order from first to last? 

A. Company,then Customer Class/Vendor Class,then User 

B. Customer/Vendor,then Customer Class/Vendor Class,then Default 

C. Customer/Vendor,then User,then Default 

D. User,then Customer Class/Vendor Class,then Company 

Answer: B 

Q25. The installation package can be delivered through: Choose the 2 that apply. 

A. an email link to the setup.exe. 

B. a shortcut to the greatplains.msi. 

C. Windows Update. 

D. a distribution tool such as Systems Management Server. 

Answer: AD 

Q26. You are using the Automatic Updates feature to publish a service pack update. What table does the client workstation check when connecting to the database for updates? 


B. DB_Upgrade 

C. Dex_session 


Answer: D 

Q27. In order to execute a service pack update through Manage Automated Client Updates you should: Choose the 2 that apply. 

A. be a Microsoft Dynamics GP user. 

B. be an Administrator on the client machine. 

C. have installed all prior updates. 

D. have read and execute permission to the file location. 

Answer: BD 

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Q28. Microsoft Dynamics GP Report Writer is used to: Choose the 2 that apply. 

A. create custom reports based on Microsoft Dynamics GP data. 

B. create Microsoft Word templates for SOP Invoices. 

C. make changes to the Report Options windows in Microsoft Dynamics GP. 

D. make global changes such as telephone number formats that impact all reports. 

Answer: AD 

Q29. A Distributed Process Manager (DPM) selects a Distributed Process Server (DPS) based on: Choose the 2 that apply. 

A. DPS CPU speed. 

B. number of jobs in the DPS queue. 

C. order of DPS in the service. 

D. size of jobs in the DPS queue. 

Answer: AB 

Q30. Which of the following statements is FALSE regarding the POWERUSER role in Microsoft Dynamics GP? 

A. Grants access to all operations 

B. Overrides other role assignments for a user 

C. Can be modified 

D. Automatically created by the system 

Answer: C 

Q31. Which of the following statements is TRUE regarding ODBC data source setup during the installation of 

Microsoft Dynamics GP? 

A. The name of the data source is configurable during the installation 

B. By default, the data source is automatically created and named Dynamics GP 

C. It is not possible to opt out of the data source being automatically created 

D. No data source is necessary to use Microsoft Dynamics GP2010 

Answer: B 

Q32. When the sample company is initialized: Choose the 2 that apply. 

A. Lessonusers can be created. 

B. the DYNGRP role is created for the database. 

C. the DYNSA login is created. 

D. the Rapid Configuration tool can be launched. 

Answer: AB 

Q33. Microsoft Dynamics GP will support what type of SQL Server authentication? 

A. Account Provisioning 


C. Mixed Mode 

D. Windows Mode 

Answer: C 

Q34. When optimizing performance, SQL Server data files can be stored on: Choose the 2 that apply. 

A. RAID 0. 

B. RAID 1. 

C. RAID 10 (RAID 1+0). 

D. RAID 5. 

Answer: CD 

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