[Tested] MB6-703 Microsoft test questions 37-54 (Mar 2016)

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2016 Mar MB6-703 Study Guide Questions:

Q37. You need to set up a trade agreement for a group of customers. The trade agreement will apply to one item. 

How should you configure the price discount journal for Account code and Item code? 

A. Set Account code to Table and set Item code to Group. 

B. Set Account code to Group and set Item code to Table 

C. Set Account code to Group and set Item code to All 

D. Set Account code to Table and set Item code to Table 

Answer: B 

Explanation: Group of customers: Account code: Group 

Specific item: Item code: Table 

Q38. You are setting up a new bill of materials (BOM) for a new product that your company is designing. 

The components for the new product already exist in Dynamics AX the finished good item does not exist yet in Dynamics AX. 

From the BOM form, where should you create the new BOM? 

A. The Common area of the Inventory and warehouse management module 

B. The BOM line form for the released products 

C. The Designer form for the released products 

D. The Common area of the Inventory management module 

Answer: D 

Explanation: Create a BOM 

Click.Inventory management.>.Common.>.Bills of materials. 

Press CTRL+N to create a new BOM. 

Enter information to identify the BOM. 

Click.Lines.to open the.BOM line.form. 

Select the item number, and enter the quantity to create additional BOM lines for any component items that make up the BOM. 

Close the form. 

Click.Approve.to open the.Approve bill of materials.form. 

Select an employee name, and then click.OK. 

Q39. You plan to create multiple bill of materials (BOM) versions. 

What is the maximum number of BOM versions that can be approved for the same product? 

A. One inactive version 

B. An unlimited amount of active versions 

C. One active version 

D. An unlimited amount of versions, regardless of the activation status 

Answer: D 

Explanation: Multiple active BOM and route versions can exist at the same time, as long as their dates do not overlap. This enables you to adjust the BOM’s composition of products. 

Q40. You need to ensure that picking lists and packing slips are created for all orders. 

Which two parameters should you configure? Each correct answer presents pan of the solution. 

A. Post picking list in ledger 

B. Picking route status 

C. Deduction requirements 

D. Picking requirements 

E. Post packing slip in ledger 

Answer: A,E 

Explanation: A:Post picking list in ledger 

Select the check box to enable posting picking lists in the ledger. 


*Packing slips and product receipts are posted if the Post product receipt in ledger check box is selected in the Accounts payable parameters form, or if the Post packing slip in ledger check box is selected in the Accounts receivable parameters form. 

* Post packing slip in ledger 

Select this check box to post the stock value of physical inventory transactions to the ledger when you update a packing slip. 

Q41. You need to configure commissions to be calculated on sales, only after all discounts are taken on the line items of a sales order. 

What should you use? 

A. The Sales order journal 

B. The Price/discount agreement journal 

C. The Commission percentage field 

D. The Discount field 

Answer: D 

Explanation: Commission calculation (form) [AX 2012] Field: discount Specify whether the calculation of the commission for the individual invoice line will be based on the gross line amount (Before line discount) or on the net line amount (After line discount). If you select After total discount, any end discount is deducted from the total commission that is calculated after the line discount. 


Not C: Field:Commission percentage 

Specify the percentage base with which to calculate the amount of the commission. 

Together with the calculation method in the Discount, the percentage basis entered here calculates the size of the commission. 

Q42. You create a new item that has a tracking dimension group. The tracking dimension group includes serial numbers as an active dimension. 

You need to configure the item to use automatic allocation of the serial numbers. 

What should you create? 

A. An item model group 

B. Anumber group 

C. Acost group 

D. An item group 

Answer: B 

Explanation: Serial number group:Select the group that is used for automatic allocation of serial numbers. 

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Q43. A customer is placing an order for an item that is in stock. The customer requires that the order be delivered within two weeks. 

You need to identify the minimum amount of time required for the order to be delivered to the customer. 

What should you do from the Sales order form? 

A. View the Confirmed receipt date. 

B. View the Confirmed delivery date. 

C. Click Simulate delivery dates 

D. From the purchase order, view the Requested receipt date 

Answer: C 

Explanation: To review the available receipt and ship dates and transfer them to the order again, click Simulate delivery dates and revise the dates. The Available ship and receipt dates form is displayed. In the Available ship and receipt dates form, select the date that matches your requirements, and then click Update requested ship date. 


Not A:Confirmed receipt date – The confirmed receipt date when you will be able to meet the customer’s requested receipt date. 

not D:Requested receipt date – The requested receipt date when the customer wants to receive the goods. 

Q44. You need to identify what can be done from the Arrival overview form. 

What should you identify? 

A. Estimating and managing item arrival alerts 

B. Viewing expected receipts and starting the receipt process 

C. Registering items that are delivered to a transfer warehouse 

D. Checking that ordered items arrived physically in a quarantine warehouse 

Answer: B 

Explanation: Arrival overview (form) [AX 2012] 

Use this form to list items that are expected in the inbound dock. As soon as the expected items have arrived, you can start the arrival process from this form. 

Command include: *Start arrival Register that the selected receipts have arrived, and create an item-arrival journal 

*Select all 

Select the Select for arrival for all receipts. This option is used if all receipts should be registered as having arrived. 

*Show all selected 

Filter the list of receipts so that only those that have the Select for arrival option selected are displayed. 

Q45. You need to create a new version of a bill of materials (BOM). 

Which three options can be used to create a new version of the BOM? Each correct answer presents part of the solution. 

A. Warehouse 

B. Dates 

C. Line type 

D. Quantities 

E. Site 

Answer: B,C,D 

Explanation: To create another version of the new BOM, click CTRL+N in the Versions grid to create a new line. 

Select the relevant item number, and enter dates in the From date and To date fields to control the validity period of the BOM version. Use the From qty. field to set a minimum item quantity for using the BOM version. 

Click Approve to approve the BOM version. 

Select the Active check box to make the BOM version active. 

Q46. A sale was made, and on one of the lines of the sales order, another sales group must be given credit for the sale and any commission that is generated for that line. 

You need to generate the commission on the relevant sales line to the other sales group. What should you use? 

A. The sales journal 

B. Theline details section of the sales order 

C. The Commission calculation form 

D. The Commission posting form 

Answer: C 

Explanation: Commission calculation 

Click Navigation Pane node: Accounts receivable -> Setup -> Commission -> Commission calculation. 

Go to the Setup tab, specify the following options: 


Q47. You have several bills of materials (BOMs) that include an item manufactured by a third party. 

The third party plans to discontinue the production of the item. 

You need to locate all of the BOMs that include the item. 

Which report should you use? 

A. Order lines 

B. Where-used 

C. Calculation 

D. On-hand inventory 

Answer: A 

Explanation: Order lines report (SalesLinesExtended) [AX 2012] 

You can use the Order lines report to print sales order lines and basic information for each sales order line such as item number, sales price, and discount. 


Not B:Row structure where-used report (LedgerRowStructureWhereUsed) [AX 2012] 

This report displays the details of row definitions and financial statements that are used in the selected row definition. 

Not C:BOM calculation results (form) [AX 2012] 

Use this form to view the results of an item's order-specific bill of material (BOM) calculations and as a starting point to perform additional order-specific BOM calculations. 

An order-specific BOM calculation can be performed for a line item on a sales order, sales quotation or service order. Each order-specific BOM calculation creates a calculation record that is uniquely identified by a calculation number. 

Not D:Critical on-hand inventory report (InventSumCritical) [AX 2012] 

You can use the On-hand inventory report to print on-hand inventory according to quantity. 

The quantity is based on the on-hand inventory and the product, tracking, and storage dimensions. Select which product, tracking, and storage dimensions you want to include in the report. 

Q48. You plan to transfer inventory between multiple sites. 

Which two objects must be created before you can transfer the inventory? Each correct answer presents part of the solution. 

A. An inbound location 

B. An outbound location 

C. Atransit warehouse 

D. Adefault warehouse 

Answer: B,C 

Explanation: B:The items are picked and transported to the outbound location. 

C:In Microsoft Dynamics AX, the transit warehouse is available for these purposes. When items are half way from one warehouse to another one, they are recorded to the transit warehouse. 


Go to Inventory management > Setup > Inventory breakdown > Warehouses. The Warehouses form opens. 

Warehouses form 

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Q49. You need to create a draft sales order. The sales order must not include inventory transactions. 

Which order type should you use? 

A. Subscription 

B. Sales order 

C. Item requirements 

D. Journal 

Answer: D 

Explanation: A sales order of type Journal is a draft sales order. It has no effect on stock. 

Q50. You plan to create a purchase order for items that are not currently in stock. 

You need to ensure that when a customer places an order for the items, the quantity of the items in the purchase order can be reserved for the customer. 

What should you do before you create the purchase order? 

A. Select Reserve ordered items in the Inventory and warehouse management parameters form. 

B. Select an Allocation key in the Accounts payable parameters form. 

C. Select Reserve items automatically in the Inventory and warehouse management parameters form. 

D. Select Automatic in the Reservation field of the Accounts receivable parameters form. 

Answer: D 

Explanation: Accounts receivable parameters (form) [AX 2012] 

Select the default method of reservation to use when you create an order in the Sales order form: 

Manual – Requires manual reservations. 

Automatic – Reserves order quantities automatically. 

Explosion – Reserves order quantities automatically, but master scheduling controls item reservation for bills of materials. 

You can change the method of reservation when you create the order, and you can change the method for each order line. Reserved quantities are subtracted from the total quantity on hand. 


Not A:Inventory and warehouse management parameters (form) [AX 2012] 

Use this form to set up inventory and warehouse management parameters..

Field:Reserve ordered items 

Select this check box to reserve item receipts that are ordered against item issues in Accounts receivable, Project management and accounting, and Production control. If you clear this check box, you can reserve only items that have been physically received. 

If a particular item has been set up to accept negative inventory, this field is not relevant. 

Not B:Accounts payable parameters form: 

Allocation key:Select the allocation key to use to reduce the effect of the budget on the cash flow forecast, according to purchase orders. 

Not C: 

Field:Reserve items automatically 

Select this check box to reserve items automatically. This is a default setting, and you can override it by selecting or clearing the same parameter in the Transfer orders form. 

Q51. You post the shipment for a transfer order. 

What is the current status of the inventory transaction relatedto the transfer order for the from warehouse field? 

A. Received 

B. Sold 

C. Shipped 

D. Delivered 

Answer: C 


*Shipment lot ID The identifier of the shipment lot. When you create a transfer order line, four inventory transactions are created: 

An issue transaction at the warehouse 

A receipt transaction at the transit warehouse 

An issue transaction at the transit warehouse 

A receipt transaction at the warehouse 

The shipment lot ID is assigned to the first two of these transactions, and the receive lot ID is assigned to the last two. 

Q52. You plan to purchase 2,400 units of one item. Two hundred units of the item will be received every month for 12 months. 

You need to configure the purchase order for the item. 

What should you do? 

A. Configure prepayments. 

B. Set the Purchase type to Journal. 

C. Create a new delivery term. 

D. Configure a delivery schedule. 

Answer: D 

Explanation: About delivery schedules [AX 2012] *Use the delivery schedule functionality when you want to split a sales order, purchase order, or sales quotation order line into several order lines. Each order line is called a delivery line. Two or more delivery lines make up one delivery schedule. The delivery lines can vary in delivery dates, quantities, mode of delivery, and storage dimensions such as site and warehouse. 

*Example of a deliver schedule for an order of 600 chairs Total order (original order line),600 chairs Requested delivery schedule,100 chairs per month Requested delivery timeframe,6 months, on the first of each month 

Q53. You have a customer who orders the same products frequently. You need to simplify the creation of sales orders for the customer. 

What should you use? 

A. Adirect delivery order 

B. An item list 

C. Anew item 

D. Ablanket order 

Answer: B 

Explanation: An item list is a list of items that a customer habitually buys, including quantities. When you create a new sales order for a customer, instead of adding items line by line, you can select the item list that has been created for the customer. 


not A:You can also create a direct delivery order if you want your vendor to deliver the goods to the customer. 

Q54. A customer reports a defective product. 

You need to find the vendors and the other customers who are affected by the defective product. 

Which three details are required before you can perform a trace? Each correct answer presents part of the solution. 

A. The storage dimensions 

B. The tracking dimensions 

C. The item number 

D. The trace direction 

E. The transaction dates 

Answer: B,C,D 

Explanation: Trace an item or raw material To trace an item or raw material, follow these steps: 

. Click.Inventory management.>.Inquiries.>.Tracing.>.Item tracing. 

. On the.Trace criteria.FastTab, enter the following information: 

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