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Exam Name: NAV 2009 C/SIDE Introduction
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2016 Mar MB7-840 Study Guide Questions:

Q33. What is the main purpose of using SumIndexFields in Microsoft Dynamics NAV? 

A. To sort the data in a table by sums of values in FlowFields. 

B. To enable fast search of numeric data in the indexed database. 

C. To enable fast calculation of numeric columns in a table. 

D. To determine the number of numeric values in a table. 

Answer: C 

Q34. Which general C/SIDE concepts apply to pages as a new application object type in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009? 

A. Properties, keys, data items, fields, C/AL, and triggers 

B. Properties, request form, C/AL, controls 

C. Properties, request page, sections, controls, and triggers 

D. Properties, C/AL, controls, and triggers 

Answer: D 

Q35. You write a piece of code that calculates the date based on the following expression: 


What value does this function return if the current system date is January 3, 2009? 

A. December 15, 2008 

B. December 19, 2008 

C. January 16, 2009 

D. January 18, 2009 

Answer: C 

Q36. You are designing a modification for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009. You have created a new application area and a pair of tables, Document Header and Document Line, that will store posted documents of this area. What type(s) of pages can you associate with the tables to enable users to view the records in the table from the RoleTailored client? 

A. The Document page will be associated with Document Header table, and the ListPart page will be associated with Document Line table. 

B. The Card page will be associated with Document Header table, and the CardPart page will be associated with Document Line table. 

C. The Document page will be associated with Document Header and Document Line tables. 

D. The Document page will be associated with Document Header table, and the ListPlus page will be associated with Document Line table. 

Answer: A 

Q37. When does the application delete the instance of a single instance codeunit? 

A. When the last variable that has the reference to this codeunit goes out of scope 

B. When the CLEAR function is used on a variable that has the reference to this codeunit 

C. When the current company is closed in the client application 

D. When the codeunit is called for the second time 

Answer: C 

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Q38. You have created a Vehicle table that contains general information about the vehicles in the database. You need to create a form that will be associated with this table and would allows users to view the list of vehicles. Users must be able to edit the information on the form. How do you name such a form according to the Microsoft Dynamics NAV standards? 

A. Vehicle List 

B. Vehicles List 

C. Vehicle 

D. Vehicles 

Answer: D 

Q39. You are a Microsoft Dynamics NAV developer. You create a dataport with one data item that needs to have only the Options tab with the File Name field on the request form. Which actions do you take? Choose the 2 that apply. 

A. Set the UseReqForm property of the dataport to No 

B. Clear the ReqFilterFields property of the data item 

C. Clear the CalcFields property of the data item 

D. Define a sorting key in the DataItemTableView property of the data item 

Answer: BD 

Q40. Which limitations do you consider when working with OCX custom controls? Choose the 2 that apply. 

A. Special license is required to run objects containing OCX controls. 

B. C/SIDE does not support call-back from OCX. 

C. Custom visual controls can only be used in the RoleTailored client. 

D. Custom controls must return values in a format that conforms to C/AL. 

Answer: BD 

Q41. You have manually created a new form in the Form Designer and added a few text boxes using the Toolbox. You need to have these text boxes display the values from the corresponding fields in the source table for this form. Which property of a text box control on a form allows you to associate it with a field in the source table? 

A. FieldValue 

B. FieldName 

C. SourceExpr 

D. SourceField 

Answer: C 

Q42. When designing a codeunit, how do you access the list of built-in C/AL functions? Choose the 2 that apply. 

A. Click View, C/AL Symbol Menu 

B. Press F5 

C. Click View, C/AL Globals, Functions 

D. Press F9 

Answer: AB 

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Q43. Which of the following object types can you assign to a menu item when designing a MenuSuite for the RoleTailored client? Choose the 2 that apply. 

A. Dataport 

B. XMLport 

C. Table 

D. Codeunit 

Answer: BD 

Q44. Which of the following are valid MenuSuite levels in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009? Choose the 2 that apply. 

A. Partner 

B. Department 

C. Global 


Answer: AD 

Q45. When designing a report, which data item property do you specify in the Report Designer to link an indented data item to its parent? 

A. DataItemLink 

B. DataItemLinkReference 

C. DataItemTable 

D. DataItemTableLink 

Answer: B 

Q46. Which of the following properties is specific for a node of an XMLport that handles text files in the RoleTailored client? 

A. Length 

B. Width 

C. Format 

D. TextType 

Answer: B 

Q47. Which property of an XMLport node has the following options: Text, Table, and Field? 

A. Data Source 

B. Source Type 

C. Node Type 

D. String Type 

Answer: B 

Q48. Which of the following triggers are included in a codeunit by default? Choose the 2 that apply. 

A. OnRun 

B. OnPreCodeunit 

C. Code 

D. Documentation 

Answer: AD 

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