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Q1. A company has implemented the capability to send all log files to a central location by utilizing an encrypted channel. The log files are sent to this location in order to be reviewed. A recent exploit has caused the company's encryption to become unsecure. Which of the following would be required to resolve the exploit? 

A. Utilize a FTP service 

B. Install recommended updates 

C. Send all log files through SMTP 

D. Configure the firewall to block port 22 


Q2. A network technician has detected duplicate IP addresses on the network. After testing the behavior of rogue DHCP servers, the technician believes that the issue is related to an unauthorized home router. Which of the following should the technician do NEXT in the troubleshooting methodology? 

A. Document the findings and action taken. 

B. Establish a plan to locate the rogue DHCP server. 

C. Remove the rogue DHCP server from the network. 

D. Identify the root cause of the problem. 


Q3. Which of the following would be the result of a user physically unplugging a VoIP phone and connecting it into another interface with switch port security enabled as the default setting? 

A. The VoIP phone would request a new phone number from the unified communications server. 

B. The VoIP phone would cause the switch interface, that the user plugged into, to shutdown. 

C. The VoIP phone would be able to receive incoming calls but will not be able to make outgoing calls. 

D. The VoIP phone would request a different configuration from the unified communications server. 


Q4. While troubleshooting a network outage, a technician finds a 100-meter fiber cable with a small service loop and suspects it might be the cause of the outage. Which of the following is MOST likely the issue? 

A. Maximum cable length exceeded 

B. Dirty connectors 

C. RF interference caused by impedance mismatch 

D. Bend radius exceeded 


Q5. Which of the following refers to a network that spans several buildings that are within walking distance of each other? 






Q6. While troubleshooting a connectivity issue, a network technician determines the IP address of a number of workstations is and the workstations cannot access the Internet. Which of the following should the technician check to resolve the problem? 

A. Default gateway address 

B. Misconfigured DNS 

C. DHCP server 

D. NIC failure 


Q7. Which of the following is used to define how much bandwidth can be used by various protocols on the network? 

A. Traffic shaping 

B. High availability 

C. Load balancing 

D. Fault tolerance 


Q8. Which of the following is MOST likely to use an RJ-11 connector to connect a computer to an ISP using a POTS line? 

A. Multilayer switch 

B. Access point 

C. Analog modem 

D. DOCSIS modem 


Q9. A network technician is performing a tracert command to troubleshoot a website-related issue. The following output is received for each hop in the tracert: 1 * * * Request timed out. 

2 * * * Request timed out. 

3 * * * Request timed out. 

The technician would like to see the results of the tracert command. Which of the following will allow the technician to perform tracert on external sites but not allow outsiders to discover information from inside the network? 

A. Enable split horizon to allow internal tracert commands to pass through the firewall 

B. Enable IGMP messages out and block IGMP messages into the network 

C. Configure the firewall to allow echo reply in and echo request out of the network 

D. Install a backdoor to access the router to allow tracert messages to pass through 


Q10. An outside organization has completed a penetration test for a company. One of the items on the report is reflecting the ability to read SSL traffic from the web server. Which of the following is the MOST likely mitigation for this reported item? 

A. Ensure patches are deployed 

B. Install an IDS on the network 

C. Configure the firewall to block traffic on port 443 

D. Implement a VPN for employees 


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