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Exam Code: 000-007 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: IBM Tivoli Netcool/OMNIbus V7.3 Implementation
Certification Provider: IBM
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2016 Mar 000-007 Study Guide Questions:

Q91. Which command creates a new dual desktop display ObjectServer with server name as DIS_1 connecting to AGG_V ObjectServer?

A. $NCHOME/bin/nco_dbinit -server DIS_1 -desktopserver -dsddualwrite -dsdrimary AGG_V

B. $NCHOME/omnibus/bin/nco_igen -server DIS_1 -desktopserver -dsddualwrite –dsdprimary AGG_V

C. $NCHOME/omnibus/bin/nco_dbinit -server DIS_1 -desktopserver -dsddualwrite –dsdprimary AGG_V

D. $NCHOME/omnibus/install/nco_dbinit -server DIS_1 -desktopserver -dsddualwrite –dsdprimary AGG_V

Answer: C

Q92. Which three types of installation are possible when installing IBM Tivoli Netcool/OMNIbus on UNIX? (Choose three.)

A. Custom Installation

B. Silent Installation

C. Default Installation

D. Advance Installation

E. GUI-based Installation

F. Command line-based Installation

Answer: BEF

Q93. Which command checks the status of the process agent SFOSYS_PA in UNIX with username "netcool" and password "netcool" ?

A. $NCHOME/etc/nco_pa_status -server SFOSYS_PA -username netcool -password netcool

B. $NCHOME/bin/nco_pa_status -server SFOSYS_PA -username netcool -password netcool

C. $NCHOME/omnibus/etc/nco_pa_status -server SFOSYS_PA -username netcool –password netcool

D. $NCHOME/omnibus/bin/nco_pa_status -server SFOSYS_PA -username netcool –password netcool

Answer: D

Q94. In a rules file, which line will assign the Node token to the Node field in the ObjectServer?

A. @Node = &Node

B. %Node = @Node

C. @Node = $Node

D. $Node = @Node

Answer: C

Q95. Which three actions does the the nco_install_ospam script perform? (Choose three.)

A. Createpam.conf file.

B. Createpam_omnibus.conf file.

C. Createpam_omnibus_os.conf file.

D. Install theObjectServer Pluggable Authentication Modules (PAM).

E. Configure anObjectServer to use PAM.

F. Updatesystem PAM configuration file with auth, account, and password entries for the nco_objserv application.

Answer: CDF

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Q96. What is the command to encrypt the password for the process agent in UNIX?

A. nco_crypt

B. nco_pa_crypt

C. nco_pad_crypt

D. nco_aes_crypt

Answer: B

Q97. Which statement is true regarding Accelerated Event Notification channels?

A. Channels cannot be copied and pasted from oneObjectServer to another.

B. Any authenticatedObjectServer user may create a channel through the Netcool admin client.

C. ObjectServer channels only support the broadcast of data from alerts.status, alerts.journal, and alerts. details.

D. Although channels in differentObjectServers may be named differently, all channels within a single ObjectServer must have the same name in order for the broadcast function to work correctly.

Answer: A

Q98. Which two environment variables must be set before starting the upgrade tool when upgrading from Webtop 1.3 to Web GUI? (Choose two.)






Answer: BE

Q99. Which step is critical while calculating sizing for an IBM Tivoli Netcool/OMNIbus environment?

A. Determine the naming conventions.

B. Determine directory for installation.

C. Determine Event Volume and Retention requirements.

D. Determine directories that must have write access permissions.

Answer: C

Q100. What is the purpose of the -dsddualwrite option when creating a display layer ObjectServer in a multi-tier IBM Tivoli Netcool/OMNIbus architecture?

A. Allow triggers at the display layer to run against the display and aggregation layerObjectServers.

B. Allow the display layerObjectServer to connect to a failover pair of ObjectServers at the aggregation layer.

C. Allow user initiated tools at the display layer to run against the display and aggregation layerObjectServers.

D. Allow the display layerObjectServer to retrieve events from the collection and aggregation layer ObjectServers.

Answer: C

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Q101. Which statement is true about a Temporal Trigger?

A. It responds to changes detected within theObjectServer.

B. It is executed repeatedly based on a specified frequency.

C. It can only be executed if the system is running under Process Control.

D. It can only be executed before or after an event is updated in theObjectServer.

Answer: B

Q102. Assuming that the ObjectServer and Tivoli Integrated Portal are installed, what has to be done to limit those who can access an external script tool?

A. Access criteriahas to be added to the tool when it is created.

B. There is no way to limit those who can run an external script tool.

C. When a tool is added to the menu, it is automatically assigned to a specific user.

D. When a tool is added to the menu, it is automatically assigned to a specific group.

Answer: A

Q103. The customer would like a tool configured that operators can run when right-clicking on selected events in a native event list. Which menu should the tool be added to?

A. Alerts Menu

B. Conductor Menu

C. Sub Event List Menu

D. Main Event List Menu

Answer: A

Q104. When cloning the Web GUI from one machine to another, what happens to the original settings on the target machine?

A. They are overwritten and lost.

B. The settings are merged together.

C. The user will be prompted for each change to be overwritten.

D. A backup of the settings is made and they are then overwritten.

Answer: A

Q105. Which step is critical while calculating sizing for an IBM Tivoli Netcool/OMNIbus system?

A. Determine the display resolution used by system users.

B. Determine the number of calls managed by system users.

C. Determine if network bandwidth will support event throughput.

D. Determine if a Database Cluster is connected through anOMNIbus Gateway.

Answer: C

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