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2016 Apr 000-009 Study Guide Questions:

Q17. If a separate administrative workstation is used to deploy IBM Tivoli Manager V7.1.1,which two functions are served by the administrative workstation after the initial deployment? (choose two.)

A. ManageMaximo security policy.

B. Monitor the state of depot servers in distributed locations and stores file data.

C. Provide secure connections with managed computers on which the common agent is installed.

D. Make updates or changes to the deployment and add additional process manager applications.

E. Changes to the deployment which require enterprise archive files being rebuilt can be run from the administrative workstation.

Answer: DE

Q18. IBM Tivoli Provisioning Manager for OS Deployment (TPMfOSD) and all of components such as Device Manager Service ,Dynamic content Delivery and Agent Manager in addition to required items have been installed If the failed installation can not be repaired,which is the right order to uninstall Tivoli Provisioning Manager V7.1.1(TPM) components?

A. base services andcomponents ,TPMfOSD,core components TPM engines, DB2 client, middleware

B. base services and web components, core components TPM engines, DB2 client, middleware

C. TPMfOSD,core components TPM engines, DB2 client, middleware, base services and web components, middleware

D. Middleware, base services andcomponents ,TPMfOSD,core components TPM engines, DB2 client,

Answer: C

Q19. What does the command/opt/IBM/AgenManager/tookit/bin/RetrieAgents.shtoolkpassword< password>produce/?

A. It will list all the agents registered with Agent Manager (AM)

B. It will register all the installed agents withAM .

C. It will list only the running agents registered with AM.

D. It will list the agents which were added to IBM Tivoli Provisioning Manager database by Tivoli Common Agent Discovery.

Answer: A

Q20. Where are the Tivoli Directory Server log files located by default on a Windows Tivoli Provisioning Managers V7.1.1 server?

A. c:\idsslapd_idsccmdb\logs

B. c:\Program Files\IBM\TDS\logs

C. c:\Program Files\IBM \LDAP\logs

D. c:\Program Files\Tivoli\LDAP\logs

Answer: A

Q21. Which two scripts are required to be created and distributed to the target computer when creating a custom inventory discovery by using extensions

A. Pre and post

B. hw_scn.ext and sw_scn.ext

C. inventory id and platform extension

D. my_table.windows.mif.backup and my_table.mif.backup

Answer: A

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Q22. From which URL can the IBm Tivoli Provisioning Manger V7.11 for Dynamic Content Delivery

Administration Console be started?

A. http://hostname:9045/admin

B. https://hostname:9045/admin

C. https://hostname:8080/DCD/login

D. https://hostname:9443/maximo/ui/login

Answer: B

Q23. Is the inventory discovery able to identify the characteristic of a multi-core processor?

A. no

B. yes

C. only for 64-bit AMD64

D. only for Intel processors

Answer: B

Q24. What is the result of activating the directory server before the base services installation?

A. The service user accounts should to be migrated

B. A successful implementation of Tivoli Directory Server

C. A successful authentication of IBM Tivoli Provisioning Manager V7.1.1 service accounts

D. The directory server should to be reconfigured after the base services installation

Answer: C

Q25. In the context of compliance management ,what does software Compliance Manager Collector do?

A. scans for patch compliance items

B. scans for software compliance items

C. scans for security compliance items

D. scans for both patch compliance and software compliance items

Answer: C

Q26. Which two networking configuration steps on the IBM Tivoli Provisioning Manager V7.1.1 (TPM) server must be validated prior to beginning the TPM installation?(Choose two)

A. A static Ip address is configured

B. A fully qualified domain name must be configure

C. Ensure both IPv4 and IPv6 addressing are configured on the TPM server

D. Ensure thatNIS returns the fully qualified host name for the computer

E. Configure Management network adapter for at least 100 Mbps/full-duplex

Answer: AB

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Q27. What are the two main requirements for running the xmlConvert command?(Choose two.)

A. IBM Tivoli Provisioning Manager (TPM) must be running before issuing this command

B. the user must be logged into the TPM Web Interface as "tioadmin"

C. The TPM engines must be shutdown and only the middleware components running

D. The data in encrypted format must have already been exported bydcmexport command

E. The TPM Computers that are being used must be running the same version of TPM

Answer: AE

Q28. What function does the command idsslapd -I idsccmdb perform?

A. Starts the Tivoli DirectoryServer(TDS) instance.

B. Changes the TDS authentication realm to beidsccmdb.

C. Sends an interrupt signal to TDS to verify Connectivity.

D. Synchronizes TDS with the IBM Tivoli Change and Configuration Management Database.

Answer: A

Q29. Which three supported languages can be used in the definition of a scriptlet inside a provisioning workflow?(Choose three)


B. C++

C. ksh

D. Perl

E. Jython

F. VBScript

Answer: CDF

Q30. Which statement is true about the file repository described in MyFileRepository.xml?

A. It is configured to only support File Transfer Protocol (FTP) file transfers

B. It is configured to only support SecureShell(SSH) / System Control Process (SCP) file transfers

C. It is not configured properly for any file transfer protocol

D. It is configured to support both FTP and SSH/SCP file transfers

Answer: D

Q31. What are the two ways of launching the Software Package Editor?(Choose two)

A. by running thescript ,$TIO_HOME/SPEWebStart.sh from the IBM Tivoli Provisioning Manager server

B. by clicking StartSoftwarePackage Editor from the Deployment specialist's Start Center

C. by opening a Webbrower to : https:/<tpm_server_hostname>:9045/maximo/ui/login

D. by opening a Webbrower to : https:// <tpm_server_hostname>:9443/SPEWenStart/spe.jnlp

E. by selecting startSoftwarePackage Editor from the Select Action menu in the Software Catalog- >Software Products page of the IBM Tivoli Provisioning Manager Web Interface

Answer: DE

Q32. Which IBM Tivoli Provisioning Manager V7.1.1 configuration parameter must be configured on a UNIX endpoint to enable scriptlet support?

A. root user authentication

B. Sevure Shell service access point

C. Rivest,Shaw,Adleman service access point

D. Remote Execution and Access service access point

Answer: B

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