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Exam Name: IBM Tivoli Network Manager IP Edition V3.8 Implementation
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2016 Mar 000-019 Study Guide Questions:

Q61. Which signal is used to modify the trace output (not log level) of a running IBM Tivoli Network Manager IP Edition (Tivoli Network Manager) process ( where PID is the process ID of the targeted Tivoli Network Manager process )?

A. kill -HUP <pid>

B. kill -USR1 <pid>

C. kill -USR2 <pid>

D. kill -ABRT <pid>

Answer: C

Q62. Which three actions can be taken when defining a new ping poll definition in the Poll Definition Editor? (Choose three.)

A. set the Poll Timeout

B. define Device filtering

C. set the Poll retry count

D. assign to a Poller Instance

E. define the severity level for the Poll

F. select the Store Poll Data checkbox

Answer: ACE

Q63. Which agent needs to be enabled given the requirement to model VLANs within the network?

A. Entity

B. Interface

C. OSPF Agents

D. Switch Agents

Answer: D

Q64. Which stitcher must be used to permanently unmanage interfaces using discovery process?

A. DetectionFilter.stch

B. InstantiationFilter.stch

C. TagManagedEntities.stch

D. TagManagementInterfaces.stch

Answer: C

Q65. What does the Enable Feedback Control option do in the advanced settings?

A. specifies the discovery to handle virtual IP addresses

B. specifies the number of threads to be used by the helper service

C. changes the default naming convention for discovered interfaces

D. allows data returned by agents to be used by the discovery to find other devices

Answer: D

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Q66. Which two processes need to be restarted to activate updated Active Object Class files? (Choose two.)

A. ncp_class

B. ncp_store

C. ncp_disco

D. ncp_config

E. ncp_model

Answer: AE

Q67. Which stitcher should be modified to configure regular discoveries at a particular time?

A. Restitcher.stch

B. FinalPhase.stch

C. FullDiscovery.stch

D. CreateAndSendTopology.stch

Answer: C

Q68. Which field is required to be set in an event so that the Event Gateway passes it through to IBM Tivoli Network Manager IP Edition for further processing on a default installation?

A. Node

B. Severity

C. AlertKey

D. LocalNodeAlias

Answer: D

Q69. When scoping an IP range from the Network Discovery Configuration Scope tab, from which two radio button values can the Protocol attribute be defined? (Choose two.)

A. IPv4

B. IPv6




Answer: AB

Q70. On an AIX 5.3 system where there is no supported Web browser installed, what are the two correct commands to run the installer in order to complete a custom IBM Tivoli Network Manager IP Edition installation in a supported mode? (Choose two.)

A. <path to installation files>/

B. <path to installation files>/

C. <path to installation files>/launchpad.exe

D. <path to installation files>/ i console

E. <path to installation files>/ f <path to silent install file>

Answer: DE

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Q71. Click the Exhibit button.


A Network Administrator has configured the Scope. Which two IP addresses will be deemed inscope during a discovery of the network? (Choose two.)






Answer: BD

Q72. Which Fields, Tables, and Database can be used to create a custom Dynamicview – Distinct network view?

A. all Fields and Tables from the Disco Database

B. all Fields and Tables from Objectserver Database

C. all Fields and Tables from the Netcool Common Information Model Database

D. all Fields and Tables from the Netcool Common Information Model and Disco Database

Answer: C

Q73. Which two columns in the agents.status table indicate the current status of the particular agent? (Choose two.)

A. m_Type

B. m_State

C. m_Name

D. m_Filters

E. m_NumConnects

Answer: BE

Q74. Which type of custom network view can be used to automatically create containers for each of the sites that a customer operates, taking into consideration that the customer always enters the sysLocation in their equipment?

A. A custom network view uses collection as type and selects sysLocation as filter Type.

B. A custom network view uses Dynamic views collection as type and selects sysLocation as filter Type.

C. A custom network view uses Dynamic views - Distinct" as type and mainNodeDetails.sysLocation as Fields.

D. A custom network view uses Filtered as type and selects mainNodeDetails.sysLocation is not null; as filter Type.

Answer: C

Q75. Which two generic types of data sources can be used to provide input to the discovery system using the Collector Framework? (Choose two.)



C. Java


E. Database

Answer: AB

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