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Exam Name: CompTIA Linux+ [Powered by LPI] Exam 1
Certification Provider: CompTIA
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2016 Mar LX0-101 Study Guide Questions:

Q1. An administrator has read/write permissions on an ordinary file foo. The administrator has just run ln foo bar. Which of the following would occur if the administrator ran rm foo? 

A. foo and bar would both be removed. 

B. foo would be removed while bar would remain accessible. 

C. foo would be removed. bar would still exist but would be unusable. 

D. Both foo and bar would remain accessible. 

E. The administrator would be asked whether bar should be removed. 

Answer: B

Q2. Which of the following would be accomplished if the below line is run as root? chown -R bert /home/bert/* 

A. Nothing, this command is invalid. 

B. It would revoke bert's ownership from the home directory to root. 

C. It would change user ownership of all files in /home/bert to bert. 

D. It would set the group ownership of the directory /home/bert to bert. 

E. It would set ownership of all files and subdirectories in /home/bert to bert. 

Answer: E


The priority of any process can range from -20 to ________. (Provide only the numerical value). 

Answer: +19,19 

Q4. Which of the following commands will print to standard out only the lines that do not begin with # (pound symbol) in the file foobar? 

A. /bin/grep ^# foobar 

B. /bin/grep -v ^# foobar 

C. /bin/grep #$ foobar 

D. /bin/grep -v #$ foobar 

Answer: B

Q5. The message "Hard Disk Error" is displayed on the screen during Stage 1 of the GRUB boot process. Which of the following does this indicate? 

A. The kernel was unable to execute /bin/init 

B. The next Stage cannot be read from the hard disk because GRUB was unable to determine the size and geometry of the disk 

C. One or more of the filesystems on the hard disk has errors and a filesystem check should be run 

D. The BIOS was unable to read the necessary data from the Master Boot Record to begin the boot process 

Answer: B

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Q6. An administrator is having some trouble with a disk partition and needs to do maintenance on this partition. The administrator's users home directories are on it and several are logged in. Which of the following commands would disconnect the users and allow the administrator to safely execute maintenance tasks? 

A. telinit 1 

B. shutdown -r now 

C. killall -9 inetd 

D. /bin/netstop --maint 

E. /etc/rc.d/init.d/network stop 

Answer: A

Q7. Bob accidentally created the subdirectory \bobsdir in his home directory. He tried to remove the subdirectory with the command rmdir \bobsfile only to receive the error, "No such file or directory." . Which of the following commands will remove the directory? 

A. rmdir '~bob/\bobsdir' 

B. rmdir "~bob/\bobsdir" 

C. rmdir ~bob/'bobsdir' 

D. rmdir ~bob/\bobsdir 

E. rmdir ~bob/\\bobsdir 

Answer: E

Q8. Select the line that BEST represents what permissions the /etc/passwd file should have. 

A. -rw------- 1 root root 531 Jun 5 22:45 /etc/passwd 

B. -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 531 Jun 5 22:45 /etc/passwd 

C. -rw-r--r-- 1 1 1 531 Jun 5 22:45 /etc/passwd 

D. All answers listed are not correct. 

E. All answers listed are correct. 

Answer: B


The USB device filesystem can be found under /proc/______/usb/. (Please fill in the blank with the single word only). 

Answer: BUS 

Q10. Which of the following commands will show the contents of a gzip compressed tar archive? 

A. gzip archive.tgz | tar xvf -

B. tar ztf archive.tgz 

C. gzip -d archive.tgz | tar tvf -

D. tar cf archive.tgz 

Answer: B

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Q11. An administrator wants to preview where the package file, apache-xml.i386.rpm, will install its files before installing it. Which of the following commands should the administrator issue? 

A. rpm -qp apache-xml.i386.rpm 

B. rpm -qv apache-xml.i386.rpm 

C. rpm -ql apache-xml.i386.rpm 

D. rpm -qpl apache-xml.i386.rpm 

Answer: D

Q12. Which of the following chown commands will change the ownership to foo and the group to bar on a file named biglist? 

A. chown foo/bar biglist 

B. chown -u foo -g bar biglist 

C. chown foo:bar biglist 

D. chown --user foo --group bar biglist 

Answer: C


An administrator has issued the following command: grub-install --root-directory=/custom-grub /dev/sda In which directory will the new menu.lst file be found? (Provide the full directory path only without the filename). 


Q14. Which of the following commands will create an ext3 filesystem on /dev/hda2? 

A. /sbin/mke2fs -d /dev/hda2 

B. /sbin/mke2fs -j /dev/hda2 

C. /sbin/mke2fs -m 3 /dev/hda2 

D. /sbin/mke2fs -c ext3 /dev/hda2 

Answer: B

Q15. Pressing the Ctrl-C combination on the keyboard while a command is executing in the foreground sends which of following signal codes? 

A. 1 (SIGHUP) 

B. 2 (SIGINT) 



E. 15 (SIGTERM) 

Answer: B

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