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2016 Apr MB2-700 Study Guide Questions:

Q37. You plan to add an existing product as an additional line item to an active order. Which statement is true?

A. The updated total amount is displayed only after you click the Recalculate button.

B. The updated total amount is automatically re-calculated and displayed.

C. You cannot add additional items to an active order.

D. The updated total amount is displayed only after you click the Save button.

Answer: AD

Q38. Which business is an example of an outgoing service scenario?

A. a blood donation center

B. a landscaping service

C. a hospital emergency room

D. an attorney

Answer: B

Q39. You add a new product to the catalog.

Which attribute of the new product record is marked as read-only?

A. Default Unit

B. Currency

C. Unit Group

D. List Price

Answer: C

Q40. You review a published Knowledge Base article. Which two actions can you perform? (Choose TWO)

A. Add a note

B. Change the subject

C. Add a keyword

D. Add a section

E. Add a comment

Answer: AE

Q41. You need to send a Knowledge Base article by email to a Contact record. Which condition must be met?

A. The article is shared.

B. The article has a unique subject.

C. The article has been approved.

D. The article has been submitted.

Answer: C

Q42. You have a Contract that has a status value of Active. One of the contract lines references an incorrect product. You need to correct the contract line.

What should you do?

A. Open the contract line and replace the value in the Product field with the correct product.

B. Delete the contract line. Add a new contract line that has the correct product.

C. On the active contract, add a new contract line that has the correct product. Cancel the contract line that has the incorrect product referenced.

D. Copy the active contract, In the newly created draft contract, update the Product field for the affected contract line. Activate the new contract and then cancel the invoiced contract.

Answer: C

MB2-700 exam

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Q43. You need to ensure that the value for the Est. Revenue field is automatically calculated.

Which three actions should you take? Each answer presents part of the solution.(Choose Three)

A. Provide a price list.

B. Add at least one existing or write-in product for the opportunity product

C. Set the value of the Revenue field to User Provided.

D. Set the value of the Revenue field to System Calculated.

E. Remove any write-in opportunity products.

Answer: ABD

Q44. A company has resellers who purchase routine support cases at no cost. A reseller plans to purchase additional support cases at a cost.

What should you create?

A. An incident-based template

B. A time-based template

C. A contract template

D. A contract allotment

Answer: A

Q45. You review the Similar Cases section for a case by using the Default Case form. Which cases does Microsoft Dynamics CRM show?

A. cases with the same product

B. cases with similar case descriptions

C. cases with the same customer

D. cases with the same subject

Answer: D

Q46. You are adding resources to a service.

Which three resource types can you add?(Choose Three)

A. Sites

B. Equipment

C. Resource Groups

D. Teams and Users

E. Kits

Answer: BCD

Q47. Which list shows a correct contract life cycle?

A. 1. Draft

2. Active

3. Invoiced

4. On Hold

5. Expired

B. 1. Draft

2. Invoiced

3. Active

4. On Hold

5. Active

6. Expired

C. 1. Draft

2. Invoiced

3. Active

4. On Hold

5. Canceled

D. 1. Invoiced

2. Draft

3. Active

4. On Hold

5. Active

6. Canceled

Answer: B

Q48. Which two security roles have permissions to create a new system dashboard?(Choose TWO)

A. Scheduler

B. System Administrator

C. System Customizer

D. Sales Manager

E. Marketing Professional

Answer: BC

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Verified mb2-700 questions:

Q49. You are building a report with the Report Wizard. Which types of related records can you use in the report?

A. The Primary record type only

B. The Primary record type and five Related record types

C. The Primary record type and one Related type

D. Any number of record types as long as they are related

Answer: B

Q50. Which action is possible directly from the All Contracts view?

A. Delete an active contract by using the Delete button.

B. Delete a canceled contract by using the Delete button.

C. Set an on-hold contract to Active by using the Release Contract button.

D. Set an on-hold contract to Active by using the Activate button.

Answer: D

Q51. A new Contract template has been assigned an incorrect Allocation Type.

You need to ensure that the correct Allocation Type is assigned to the template. Which action will achieve the goal?

A. Unpublish the template and then make the required changes.

B. Use the Copy Template menu item to create a new Contract template. Edit the new template to use the correct Allocation Type. Delete the original template.

C. Deactivate the Contract template and then create a new Contract template that uses the correct Allocation Type.

D. Create a new Contract template that uses the correct Allocation Type.

Answer: D

Q52. In Microsoft Dynamics CRM, which two record types are considered customers?(Choose TWO)

A. Opportunities

B. Accounts

C. Leads

D. Contacts

Answer: BD

Q53. You are modifying a customer service Case record by using the full form. Which activity type can you add to the service Case record from within the form?

A. Letter

B. Service activity

C. Custom activity type

D. Phone call

Answer: D

Q54. Which entity is best described as an estimate or proposal that is presented to a customer?

A. Quote

B. Opportunity

C. Invoice

D. Order

Answer: A

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