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2016 Apr MB6-702 Study Guide Questions:

Q37. Your organization has a policy of validating the accuracy of beneficiary account details such as routing numbers and account numbers.

Which functionality in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 should you set up?

A. Deposit slip

B. Letter of guarantee

C. Prenotes

D. Bank reconciliation

Answer: D

Q38. What is the purpose of an account structure?

A. To assign a default offset account to a main account

B. To define the valid main account and financial dimension combinations

C. To classify and group main accounts for analysis purposes

D. To control how transactions are sorted and fields are printed on reports

Answer: D

Q39. You need to add general journal voucher lines.

Which three selections are valid account types? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.

A. Fixed assets

B. Bank

C. Purchase order

D. Ledger

E. Item

Answer: ACD

Q40. You create a budget cycle time span that is based on the fiscal calendar from July 2014 through June 2015-How many budget models can be used for the budget cycle?

A. One for each budget model and fiscal period combination

B. One for each fiscal period

C. Only one

D. One for each budget model

Answer: A

Q41. In which three scenarios should you use a bridging account? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.

A. To settle prepayments for a vendor

B. As a method of payment for customers

C. To settle prepayments for a customer

D. As a method of payment for vendors

E. To settle postdated checks for a vendor

Answer: ACD

Q42. Which form should you use to assign a chart of accounts to a legal entity?

A. Configure account structures

B. General ledger parameters

C. Ledger

D. Legal entities

Answer: C

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Down to date MB6-702 question:

Q43. You are configuring a budget plan to automatically spread. Which allocation method should you use?

A. The Aggregate allocation method

B. The Allocate across periods method

C. The Distribute allocation method

D. The Allocate across dimensions method

Answer: D

Q44. Where do you define the Main account information for bank and cash subledger journal account transactions?

A. On the Bank document posting profiles form

B. On the Bank transaction groups form

C. On the Bank groups form

D. On the Bank accounts form

Answer: D

Q45. You are processing a vendor payment. You attempt to print a check from Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. Due to printer issues, the check is damaged and the journal is not yet posted.

You need to cancel the check. What should you do?

A. On the Transactions form, use the Reverse transactions functionality, and post a transaction reversal.

B. On the Bank accounts form, use the Delete checks functionality, and delete the check.

C. On the Payment journal form, use the Payment status functionality, and set the status as Rejected

D. On the Checks form, use the Payment reversals functionality, and post the check reversal journal.

Answer: C

Q46. You need to set up the aging period definitions for the Vendor aging report. What is the maximum number of aging periods that you can define?

A. 6

B. 7

C. 8

D. 9

Answer: A

Q47. The encumbrance process is enabled in your Microsoft Dynamics AX environment.

A buyer for your organization creates a purchase order for a $10,000 contract with a lawyer who is providing legal advice related to a claim. You post an invoice for $2,000 from the lawyer for the cost of his services so far.

What is the encumbrance amount for the contract with the lawyer after the invoice is posted?

A. $2,000 

B. $8,000 

C. $10,000 

D. S12,000

Answer: B

Q48. Which two forms can be used to assign a default item sales tax group? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.

A. Vendors

B. Products

C. Released products

D. Customers

E. General ledger parameters

Answer: AC

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Q49. Which type of transactions require a bank transaction type to be set up on the Cash and bank management parameters form?

A. Non-sufficient fund transactions

B. Bank fee transactions

C. Bank reconciliation transactions

D. Vendor payment transactions

Answer: B

Q50. You have an invoice for $10,000. One payment of $3,000 has already posted against this invoice.

You need to allow cashdiscounts on the $3,000 payment. Which action should you perform?

A. On the Accounts receivable parameters form, select the Calculate cash discounts for partial payments check box.

B. On the Accounts receivable parameters form, select the Calculate cash discounts for credit notes check box.

C. On the Cash discounts form, define the Discount principle area.

D. On the Accounts receivable parameters form, select the Automatic settlement check box.

Answer: C

Q51. You need to update the organization hierarchy to prepare for a reorganization of your business.

Which effective date is valid when you publish the updated hierarchy?

A. Any of the published effective dates

B. Any day after the last published effective date

C. Any day between two of the published effective dates

D. The last published effective date

Answer: C

Q52. You need to set up the posting profile for realized and unrealized gains and losses. Which two forms should you use? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.

A. Chart of accounts form

B. Currency revaluation accounts form

C. Currency exchange rates form

D. Ledger form

Answer: BD

Q53. Each department manager at your company is responsible for managing his or her own department's budgets.

The budget manager decides that some departments must use a different budget threshold than other departments.

You need to configure Microsoft Dynamics AX to ensure that the new policies are enforced. What should you configure?

A. Budget planning scenario constraints

B. Budget allocation terms

C. Budget funds available calculation

D. Budget control rules

Answer: B

Q54. An organization has a policy of charging depreciation based on the usage of the fixed asset in a fiscal year.

You need to configure depreciation according to this policy.

Which depreciation method should you use?

A. Straight line service life

B. Reducing balance

C. Factor

D. Consumption

Answer: B

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